Mod of the Month March 2013

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Floyd 30th April 2013, 14:35 Quote
Thanks everyone! This really means a lot to me to win MoM on bittech.
I just hope that one day ill get some more small parts to play with.
Furball Zen 30th April 2013, 16:28 Quote
SavellM 1st May 2013, 15:43 Quote
Is the voting over already?!
Damn thought I was in with a chance lol.

Gratz floyd!
Floyd 1st May 2013, 17:01 Quote
Im honestly touched. You have a wonderful desk going that ive been following from the beginning. Heck ive followed all the builds and im astounded that I won in comparison of all these great mods and hardware.

But here half my build I had to toss in the trash because of the PSU failure and the rest of the case is sitting barren on the garage bench.
I have a PSU, GPU, Q6600 and 4gigs of DDR2. I just lack the obsolete mobo to bring it back to life.
Buying any hardware is off the table right now. Just wish someone had my old mobo sitting on a shelf collecting dust that would donate so I could complete this and feel like I deserve this win.

Thank you so much Bittech mod community for this MoM honor.
Waynio 4th May 2013, 13:32 Quote
Was heading for page 2. :D

D'oh, voting over. :o
Floyd 4th May 2013, 20:14 Quote
How do I redeem my prize?
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