Mod of the Month March 2013

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phinix 19th April 2013, 13:01 Quote
TINY gets my vote. I like small builds and this one shows nice execution.
Simple and clean look, little beauty:)
Combatus 19th April 2013, 13:03 Quote
You're pretty good at building them yourself! ;)
phinix 19th April 2013, 13:06 Quote
Originally Posted by Combatus
You're pretty good at building them yourself! ;)

Cheers Antony:o
I just wish I had more time (and health lately) to spend on those mods:)
Hopefully I'll get back to Aurora this weekend...
Floyd 19th April 2013, 13:17 Quote
Wow this is quite an honor!
Thanks for everyone that was following along with me on my project. It struck me so bad when the PSU killed all but the ram and CPU.
Maybe I can look at some new hardware but at the moment I just dont have the funds for a whole new setup sadly :(
Thanks again for the votes guys! This was my first project and it means a ton to see it up on Bit-tech this morning. What a treat!
SavellM 19th April 2013, 14:27 Quote
I'd like to ditto the above :)
Thanks for the opportunity, and great community.

Doing the Desk has been great fun, and the journey continues...
warboy 19th April 2013, 15:24 Quote
Tiny by Floyd +1
faxiij 19th April 2013, 17:03 Quote
While I appreciate Tiny, it is in fact too tiny for my taste.

My vote goes to the Desk, some really great ideas there and so far a very good-looking design too.
Furball Zen 19th April 2013, 18:17 Quote
I would have voted for Tiny too... but just found out from the front page of that ive been nominated! Are we allowed to vote for ourselves to make it 'fair' or is it every man for himself?
atc95 19th April 2013, 18:21 Quote
They are all really good but neck and neck between tiny and ethos & cube for me, both incredible mods but the desk got my vote, especially with 2 PCs in it
Pranja 19th April 2013, 19:43 Quote
Thanks for nomination. :)
Cheapskate 20th April 2013, 02:28 Quote
ooof I can't vote for just one!
Phame 20th April 2013, 16:34 Quote
Originally Posted by Cheapskate
ooof I can't vote for just one!

Same as me dude.. Such great projects!! :)
Waynio 20th April 2013, 21:33 Quote
Nice selection :)
Took a good ramble & a load of keen viewing to find best one.
N!ck 21st April 2013, 02:02 Quote
Carbide by Furball Zen get's my vote
Originally Posted by Cheapskate
ooof I can't vote for just one!

+1, maybe it's a bug of some kind?
rayson 21st April 2013, 11:59 Quote
go on floyd kick ar##
rayson 21st April 2013, 12:00 Quote
Originally Posted by N!ck
Carbide by Furball Zen get's my vote

+1, maybe it's a bug of some kind?

so do you live in a chicken kiev. :D sorry had to.
KrunchR 21st April 2013, 16:37 Quote
Tiny gets my vote. Not that the others aren't great and just as deserving.

Good luck to all.
ziza 22nd April 2013, 09:39 Quote
Wow MotM nomination what a privilege seeing the work recognized for such important community.

Such recognition takes a special taste also for being a woman recognized for this community.

Thanks everyone for the warm words and the excitement towards the project. I am very excited too.

Good luck to everyone.

best regards,
Arboreal 22nd April 2013, 22:35 Quote
Great projects out there once again.

+1 for Tiny - Great work Floyd, simple and effective

Love the true SFF design; as has been said before, ITX cases getting dangerously into mATX
Asouter 24th April 2013, 09:53 Quote
Impossible to pick just one, I did vote but not going to say who, as all deserve it
Furball Zen 26th April 2013, 23:17 Quote
Pranja 26th April 2013, 23:39 Quote
Originally Posted by Furball Zen
Would it be too bad to ask for 5 more votes? I only want 3rd place, id be tickled pink with those case feet :)

Only the winner gets one of the prizes. There is no prize for 2nd and 3rd place.

NHF,but isn't bit of lame to ask for votes?
Furball Zen 27th April 2013, 00:03 Quote
Oh, misunderstood how that worked.

NHF? Sorry wasnt trying to offended anyone, thats why i politely asked and honestly i see people beg all the time.
SavellM 29th April 2013, 07:35 Quote
I didn't even realise how it works :)

What does NHF mean?
Floyd 29th April 2013, 13:14 Quote
NHF = No Hard Feelings.
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