Mod of the Month February 2013

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Teelzebub 18th March 2013, 17:32 Quote
Why is "Big Bro' Prodigy by Nikkop" in the poll twice?
Meanmotion 18th March 2013, 17:36 Quote
Originally Posted by Teelzebub
Why is "Big Bro' Prodigy by Nikkop" in the poll twice?

Cause me copy n paste didn't work proper. Should be fixed now.
Maki role 18th March 2013, 18:07 Quote
Wow thanks for the nomination! Tough month though as there's some really awesome stuff going on out there. Shrine got my vote, but it was really hard making the choice, I wanted to vote for all of them :D
White-Fox 18th March 2013, 19:33 Quote
i woulda have gone big-bro prodigt but it is on so early stage that i really don't have a glue how it will look when ready (thou the consept is awesome) so my vote went for alienware :P
quizz_kid 18th March 2013, 21:49 Quote
Happy to be nominated! =)
abbas-it 19th March 2013, 06:24 Quote
hi bit-tech, thanks for the nomination.
just being nominated amongst such brilliant modding artists is alone in itself an honor.
good luck to everyone.;)
faxiij 19th March 2013, 10:49 Quote
Voted for quizz_kid. Because he is a squid (awesome!) with a squid-avatar, but also because I find his build the most interesting, it is really doing something new. During the progress there are quite a few nice ideas to be seen - above them all, I really loved how sleeved cables were bent to stay in place by help of some alu wire (or whatever it was), in that spirally twisted way.
kier 19th March 2013, 16:45 Quote
Thanks Bit-tech for the nomination...great builds this month. May the best mod win
Asouter 19th March 2013, 21:25 Quote
Very hard to decide between Kier and Squid

I like the other projects alot ..

Big bro just for getting the mobo to fit.

Azure has a nice clean look.

Abbas your woodwork skills are amazing, more appreciated since doing THING.

Normandy Revo is coming along nicely too..

Now how do I decide between my two faves ? Kier I don't know how you keep so many projects on the go at the same time, and Squid I love those wood work skills....Squid it is
(sorry Kier)
AverageNinja 20th March 2013, 06:44 Quote
Can't choose between Kier and Maki :(
While I like the other projects, those are my favourites.
XNine 20th March 2013, 16:37 Quote
All are very good builds! Congrats to the nominees!
warboy 20th March 2013, 21:33 Quote
Normandy Revo by MooZ91
enzu 22nd March 2013, 04:53 Quote
Couldn't go past the Alienware build, amazing to see what can be done to a Dell computer.
Nikkop 9th April 2013, 23:00 Quote
Very happy to be nominated, such an honor, thanks.
Good luck to all of you! :)
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