Mod of the Month January 2013

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SuicideNeil 1st February 2013, 11:55 Quote
So many awesome mods- great work guys.
lobster_johnson 1st February 2013, 15:25 Quote
Beautiful work, guys. Keep it coming!
C4B12 2nd February 2013, 17:26 Quote
Three Swedes! Good luck! :)
faxiij 3rd February 2013, 01:09 Quote
Kryll gets my vote, big likey likey ;)
Laine 5th February 2013, 09:43 Quote
Kryll, you've got my vote mate! No question about it, amazing work and a skillset second to very few if any.
phinix 5th February 2013, 09:57 Quote
Laine gets my vote. I like this small mITX build, nice and tidy + watercooling cheesecake.
rmagro 16th February 2013, 19:24 Quote
Laine's got my vote, absolutely amazing work!
Asouter 16th February 2013, 20:13 Quote
Kryll, for sure very nice
tekonivel 16th February 2013, 20:28 Quote
Kryll, you got my vote!
patara 17th February 2013, 00:47 Quote
N!ck 23rd February 2013, 20:21 Quote
voting 4 :
Heavy Duty by makarov7
G5 Unlocked by Nikkop
Macchiato by Kryll
Pranja 4th March 2013, 15:27 Quote
Congratulations on the win Kryll. :)
Kryll 5th March 2013, 18:41 Quote
Wow thanks :D
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