Mod of the Month October 2012

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PcJunkie209 2nd December 2012, 08:43 Quote
Nice work everyone! Fuganator's TJ11 for me.
cibiBE 2nd December 2012, 13:08 Quote
Steampunked TJ11 FTW!
Waynio 2nd December 2012, 18:25 Quote
1 Freaking star my ass.

About the stupid ratings, head over here & cast a vote, it's unofficial but people who are bothered about the misuse of the system are trying to make bit-tech take note, some have been turning the rating system to meaningless dribble & it needs dropping.

Options are.
1. Get rid of the voting system.
2. It's a useful indicator (but it isn't anymore).
3. Don't care.

Mod on
Fuganater 5th December 2012, 22:49 Quote
4 days left to vote!
Fuganater 18th December 2012, 02:29 Quote
Yay me?
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