Mod of the Month October 2012

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Waynio 9th November 2012, 07:59 Quote
One of those months where I can't not vote for all.

Nice projects.
quizz_kid 9th November 2012, 08:19 Quote
Firstly, honored to be a candidate of course. But secondly, that´s some competition!
elAwesome 9th November 2012, 08:19 Quote
The Steampunk TJ11 and the BelAir got my vote. I think they are outstanding mods!
Karrek 9th November 2012, 09:30 Quote
SteamPunk'd and Bel Air are my choices - amazing work and detail... although all are very worthy of this competition. Good luck to all and thanks for the inspiration!
Wissel 9th November 2012, 09:45 Quote
So pleased to get nominated for this :) (and surprised)

Mines not in the same league as some of the amazing builds on this site and the ones nominated this month but its still feels great.

My vote has to go to Steampunk'd, been watching this one from the start and love it.
Fuganater 9th November 2012, 09:53 Quote
Is it sad that I just got teary eye'd about being in the MOTM comp here? It has really been my dream over 4 projects to be in on this. Honeycomb did make it into CustomPC magazine but never made it in to a MOTM competition.

Thank you so much for this opturnity and good luck to everyone.
kier 9th November 2012, 10:01 Quote
TJ11 for me ;)
SazBard 9th November 2012, 10:10 Quote
Redelux looks simply amazing and gets my vote. Keep up the good work :-)
wejjy 9th November 2012, 10:13 Quote
Neutron gets my vote, awesome design and I'm loving ITX builds with grunt more and more lately!!
Guinevere 9th November 2012, 13:38 Quote
Would have voted for TJ11 but I'm a stickler for details when it comes to steampunk and I can't get over the superfluous gears being used as decoration. It just screams "You're trying to hard!" at me.

I know this is 'my' issue as the workmanship is amazing... but then so is REDELUX. A Mod that doesn't add redundant steampunk 'bling' for the sake of it.

So my vote's gone for REDELUX. It's insanely beautiful and beautifully insane.
patara 9th November 2012, 22:20 Quote
GotMod? ;)
TheGreatSatan 9th November 2012, 22:43 Quote
Fuganater F.T.W.!!
d_stilgar 10th November 2012, 04:57 Quote
TJ11 gets my vote as well.
HammerForged 10th November 2012, 07:50 Quote
New here. Had to come on over from OCN to show my support for FUGA!
jimbags 10th November 2012, 08:19 Quote
that steampunk TJ11 is soooo sweet!!!!!!!!
Canardwc 10th November 2012, 09:47 Quote
I love TJ11 lot of awsome work (but too much rewards)
I love Neu TRON for the design (but it's a remake of the first TRON)
EK_Derick 11th November 2012, 10:52 Quote
Fuga all day errday :D
alain-s 11th November 2012, 21:09 Quote
Thank U Bit-Tech for nominating Bel Air for MOTM. And also thanks to all the people that voted for my project. :D
k.3nny 15th November 2012, 09:48 Quote
Bel Air + Steampunkd!!
timerhan 15th November 2012, 15:14 Quote
Steampunk'd TJ11 ;)
Fuganater 25th November 2012, 12:42 Quote
Bump ^^
Speed 26th November 2012, 13:54 Quote
Some great mods in there, maybe links to each one in the OP so we don't have to hunt down the threads? Just a thought! :)
Fuganater 26th November 2012, 14:04 Quote
Originally Posted by Speed
Some great mods in there, maybe links to each one in the OP so we don't have to hunt down the threads? Just a thought! :)

Its on the front page and links to this thread. Probably why they don't ever put it in the OP.
Speed 26th November 2012, 14:17 Quote
So it is, I don't visit the front page much tbh.
N!ck 29th November 2012, 20:51 Quote
All are awesome !!!
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