Mod of the Month July 2012

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Baz 6th August 2012, 14:04 Quote
I'm a sucker for black and orange, so got to be Tainted Freshly Squeezed by barfastic.
AverageNinja 6th August 2012, 16:01 Quote
P3XON has my vote this time!
whyte 6th August 2012, 16:41 Quote
Tainted Freshly Squeezed is lovely, but I have to give my vote to BIO-A10 by E.E.L. Ambiense. It blows be away every time I visit the thread.
Luciel 6th August 2012, 17:26 Quote
Congrats to all the nominees!! On a side note, it says mod of the month march 2012 on the pull down menu :D
Balder 6th August 2012, 19:51 Quote
EEL all the way, I'm having a man crush on him, just for the awesomeness of his casemodding ofc...
E.E.L. Ambiense 7th August 2012, 02:19 Quote
Wow, yet another loser tag I can add to my sig! Thanks, B-T! :)

In all seriousness, it's an absolute honor as always. It's always a pleasure being on the forum, even if I can't be on nearly as much as I used to due to time-restraints and offspring. I still appreciate this community above all others and always will. In fact, I pretty much only post here now. I'll post at CraigBru's forum as well, but that's it. I don't cheat on a forum that treats its members right. And you guys even rub my feet for me on occasion, so thanks for that as well. ;) I love you too, Bit-Tech! Now, if I can just find a pic of Antony so I can surround him with some hearts or something, because that is a shepherd's-pie-of-a-man right there, am I right?

Deepest congrats to all the nominees! It's an honor being among all these awesome builds. My vote had to go to EVOLUTION/ P3XON though. I appreciate the miniscule details; especially details that not a lot of people would catch. And I still love cuttin' on a LiLi!

Thanks, Whyte for the support! It's greatly appreciated! And Balder, thanks man! But you should know that I'm not that kind of EEL!
abbas-it 7th August 2012, 06:03 Quote
wow, what should i say. its more than an honor to be nominated together with all these great case artists. congrats guys to you all too. and thanks to bit-tech. My
"Renegade, the Public Enemy" was nominated in may even though it wasnt and still isnt totally completed, and now the Black Widow wich is certainly not complete and fully posted yet.
An honor, thanks thanks thanks..
For all who are interesteyd. I will be at the German Case Modding Championship with both machines. Its at the Gamescom in Cologne from 15th till 19th of August. Do pop by if possible.
barfastic 7th August 2012, 08:16 Quote
Hey all!

First off i want to Congratulate all the contestants. All the mods are AMAZNIG. I also want to say it is an honor to be even qualified against these superb and individual builds. Such great vision and such talent, everyone is a winner!

Dk_vr - Amazing open air system with amazing and subtle lighting!
shrop - Im loving the Blue and the custom window
DEFCON Emy - Where to start and where to end?! So many amterials, and the idea is /drool!
abbas-it - I am envious of your woodworking skills! Ive been following the black widow for a while now, and it is truly art!
E.E.L. Ambiense - Your attention to detail is superb, and although i have not posted on your log, im stunnned!

Furthermore, i want to say thank you to such a GREAT community, even though im not as active as i would like to be (replying, posting etc) ive been a silent viewer for over 2 years!

In all honesty my vote went to E.E.L. His worklog is fantastic, and he nevers stops to amaze me!

Nonetheless whoever the winner is, i think everyone should be proud of their hard work, and keep doing waht they love!
Balder 7th August 2012, 08:22 Quote
Originally Posted by E.E.L. Ambiense
And Balder, thanks man! But you should know that I'm not that kind of EEL!

Pfft, I'm married with children! but it still stand your log and mod is pure awesome, I hope you wont get another loser tag..
Combatus 7th August 2012, 08:42 Quote
Originally Posted by E.E.L. Ambiense
Wow, yet another loser tag I can add to my sig! Thanks, B-T! :)

I love you too, Bit-Tech! Now, if I can just find a pic of Antony so I can surround him with some hearts or something, because that is a shepherd's-pie-of-a-man right there, am I right?

Noooooooo!!!! :D
phinix 7th August 2012, 09:07 Quote
Wait wait! I think I have one photo of our Antony on a big heart background...... where... is... it... ** looking for a photo on hard drive** :D
shrop 7th August 2012, 13:18 Quote
I really appreciate being nominated! Thanks to all at Bit-Tech and good luck to all those nominated!
yassarikhan786 7th August 2012, 15:01 Quote
shrop all the way for me, but good luck to the rest of the guys as well. All fantastic projects :)
Jipa 7th August 2012, 15:47 Quote
A weird month as there was only one project I found inspiring...
Waynio 7th August 2012, 23:53 Quote
E.E.L. confessed I love him after seeing his first update what?, was my first viewing of an E.E.L log & he's awesome :D awesome modding & outstanding cheerful fun logging, absolutely a must see log I really do think so, very creative on everything in the log, quality, very masterful logging & modding. :)

Dk_vr I really like the lit up acrylic sandwich panel rig, very nice & very accurate looking. :)

shrop Nice modding & show worthy watercooling for first timer, awesome, my first time water was awful. :D

DEFCON Emy I just know this will be an incredible project. :)

barfastic nice sharp zingy mod, you make that motherboard look awesome. :)

abbas-it PC, renegade & black widow severe awesomeness I really am very much blown away by the awesome creativity & no fear of a crazy challenge he shows, abbas is a flipping brilliant modder, big badass & sooooo awesome, very inspiring creator. :D

Thank awesome thinkers for mulitvote, everyone can have 1, works in progress & I see MOTM purely to give a vote of confidence & recognition for projects coming together & to highlight ones we miss. :D

I joined facebook recently & the difference between "normal" people & people who have an interest they are enthusiastic about & case modders/scratch builders is astonishing to me, I've been amongst the best of the internet in the land of mod, 100% sure of that, FB brings my spirit down & makes me feel weird & empty, creative places with inspiring people everywhere you look really make it rise.
AverageNinja 8th August 2012, 13:54 Quote
p3xon almost third! I hope he wins :)
AverageNinja 8th August 2012, 14:18 Quote
I've got to say Tainted Freshly Squeezed looks amazing too.
But still my vote is with P3XON.
Tonyevol 9th August 2012, 11:33 Quote
Every month is really hard to take a it can be seen by the equilibrium in the end would be only a fight hard guys and best wishes to all partecipants :D
KryptiK 9th August 2012, 11:54 Quote
Awesome! They all look so stunning:o
love the ability to cast more than one vote

I gotta give abbas-it some cheesecake for The Black Widow since I love its uniqueness and awesome curves ;)
The boy 4rm oz 9th August 2012, 14:11 Quote
Haven't seen a vote this close in quite some time. Congrats to all nominees and good luck.
DEFCON Emy 9th August 2012, 14:23 Quote
Good luck to all modders participants..........;)
ycio 9th August 2012, 19:21 Quote
Congratulations to all, very good!
My choice is to SOUL TREE AVATAR by DEFCON Emy
Dk_vr 14th August 2012, 09:31 Quote
Holy ....
I just saw my mod is nominated even last week was 1/4 rebuid.
Really thanks to the bit-tech team for choosing my project for MOTM and the community for voting for it.

I am really happy and excited to see my project among so many many many great projects. Wish all of you great ideas in the future :)

Best Regards !
Dobrin Krastev aka Dk_vr
mayhem 15th August 2012, 07:54 Quote
Just to bump this up there !!!
abbas-it 25th August 2012, 17:56 Quote
eeeeeeehhhhaaaaaaa the black widow won the German Casemod Championship in Casecon categorie.
thanks for believing in me everyone.
the Renegade didnt do too bad either, 2 time german champion titles for that too.
5 tropihies all together, 3 gold and 2 silver. wwwwwoooooowwwwwwwwwwwww.......
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