Mod of the Month June 2012

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SilveR_172 3rd August 2012, 08:07 Quote
Voted =)
apache500326 6th August 2012, 00:13 Quote
apasf has my vote!!! stunning
Squigly 6th August 2012, 08:21 Quote
Congratulations Luciel!! a well deserved win, thanks to all for the votes!! was truly a privilege to be nominated!!!
Luciel 6th August 2012, 17:23 Quote
Thanks a bunch Squigly! It was a neck to neck race all the way, it had me biting my nails :D On another note, I cannot wait to see your desk completed, it´s looking fantastic mate!


Also, thank you everyone who participated in voting in this month´s MOTM!!!
carliyos_34 15th November 2012, 21:42 Quote
apasf has my vote
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