Mod of the Month March 2012

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Angel OD 6th April 2012, 08:48 Quote
Come on... With competition like that, I'll never win a MOTM! :)

Thanks a lot for the nomination, and congrats to the other nominees! :)
Necrow 6th April 2012, 10:06 Quote
All builds are excellent but there are two that stand out for me....D33P THOUGHT by Asouter and The Theory Of Everything by Angel OD. Very had decision to pick just one.
Congrats to all for getting nominated in the first place. :)
Sarakon 6th April 2012, 10:54 Quote
Such tough!
John_T 6th April 2012, 11:11 Quote
High standards across the board yet again - they're all looking great so far. I think I'm really looking forward to seeing 'The theory of Everything' finished though, looks pretty awesome.
The_Crapman 6th April 2012, 11:26 Quote
Asouter 6th April 2012, 12:01 Quote
Thanks for the nomination bit-tech, HOLY CRAP there's some serious modders this month, I mean there's Kier, L3P, Angel OD, dmcgrath (remember the Aztech build) and Monkey fun. Dohhh how hard ??? thanks again for the nomination.....
slipperyskip 6th April 2012, 12:11 Quote
The poll results are showing who is voting for which project. I'm not sure that is an intentional change or a good idea. Certainly makes it interesting. I'm holding off on my vote for the moment.
Attila 6th April 2012, 13:35 Quote
I notice that bit has re-introduced the voters view. I personally always liked this. But why now?
faxiij 6th April 2012, 15:15 Quote
wow. angel od vs l3p, it's like putting superman up against although the other contenders are good as well. all in all, one of the better motm's this site has seen!
Razer2007 6th April 2012, 15:24 Quote
Epic competition here. Well done to everyone.
Angel OD 6th April 2012, 16:02 Quote
Originally Posted by faxiij
wow. angel od vs l3p, it's like putting superman up against although the other contenders are good as well. all in all, one of the better motm's this site has seen!

I have a sneaking suspision that L3P is better at flying than I am, so I guess that would make me Batman!

I would agree it's a fierce battle this time, but then again I have felt that every time I've been nominated! :)
Don't hang me up on this, but I think that we have 3 first timers, and then there's the always present genious Kier in there as well... I'm doomed I tell's you, DOOOOOMED!
Waynio 6th April 2012, 20:02 Quote
Oh my, this is a tough pick, I'll revisit it in a couple days. :D Too tough to pick at this moment for me.
Waynio 6th April 2012, 21:52 Quote
Link to Dans log isn't working from front page.
Waynio 6th April 2012, 22:42 Quote
Reviewed them all & it's so tough to choose between Asouter & Angel after walking through them all.

I have voted for CNC projects in the past so I'm not anti-CNC anymore, used to be once upon a time, I'm still 100% DIYer but that doesn't blind me from seeing something awesome & I do believe it will be the best Fractal Design Refine R3 mod ever & by far & he's probably putting more effort into it than 1 of his own projects for himself, but wow deep thought is going to be absolutely amazing also after seeing a hint of the light show in the project, plus it's a very unique good looking project. :D

Closes on 30th April, I'll hold on for a bit longer to see what happens with the projects. :)
kier 6th April 2012, 22:48 Quote
Thanks Bit-tech for the nomination. Very difficult this month that's for sure, but Angel this will be your month my friend ;)
My votes: Angel OD, L3p and Asouter
l3p 6th April 2012, 23:19 Quote
Very honored to be nominated, thanks Bit-Tech!!
Since I just discovered the world of laser cutting, designing and CNC milling my personal favorites are also Asouters and Angel OD's scratch mods. Richards casemod for the very clean watercooling and sleeving. Really love it guys!
l3p 6th April 2012, 23:21 Quote
faxiij 7th April 2012, 00:10 Quote
Yeaah think I'm gonna vote for AOD this time around. Otherwise such a hard call to close among almost all of them. So Denmark it is! * så jeg håber du vinder angel ;) *
Cheapskate 7th April 2012, 02:26 Quote
This time, I really could vote for everyone! I hope I didn't break something.
Congrats, guys, and it's really tough to play favorites this time. All these are cool.
Waynio 7th April 2012, 03:53 Quote
Originally Posted by Cheapskate
This time, I really could vote for everyone!

Congrats, guys, and it's really tough to play favorites this time. All these are cool.

I did :o:) too much strain on the brain. :o

And I'd have felt bad for leaving anyone out. :D

Really couldn't decide between Angels & Asouters, so I'd have had to break my self imposed rule of only picking 1, looked at them all & they all rock, if I'm gonna break my own rule I may as well smash it to bits, plus multivote appears to be back to make things easy again. :D
theoeyeo 8th April 2012, 00:01 Quote
close race between two now...
kelmannen 8th April 2012, 22:48 Quote
i voted for eagle, wow what an unique mod! and then also on deep and AOD for the skills... '-_- good luck to you all and congrats to the nomination!
big F 9th April 2012, 11:01 Quote
Some months I wish I could vote twice.... at least :)
Moddingboy 9th April 2012, 16:21 Quote
Great mods! Good luck to all nominees :)
The boy 4rm oz 11th April 2012, 05:13 Quote
Congrats to all nominees, excellent work.
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