Mod of the Month February 2012

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Asouter 8th March 2012, 09:01 Quote
I'm not voting first you'll all see XD
wejjy 8th March 2012, 09:19 Quote
I think I may have just wee'd a little, excitement im afraid! Chuffed to bits to be selected fot this, thanks guys! Made my day!
Parge 8th March 2012, 09:27 Quote
Done! 2in1 is a goliath.
AnG3L 8th March 2012, 11:21 Quote
I cant vote more than once!
kelmannen 8th March 2012, 11:49 Quote
Originally Posted by AnG3L
I cant vote more than once!

yeah, that's to bad!

but for me, who love wood have selectedquizz kid :)
Waynio 8th March 2012, 13:58 Quote
That was very tough picking 1 this month but really, if it was multi vote still I'd have picked them all this month so it really helps me stay with picking just the 1 & be more assertive about the choice & know I picked the right one. :)

The quality people are putting into their projects is sooooo awesomely high these days.

quiz kid is a seriously awesome modder & he's so awesome instead of freaking out after the rig crashed to the ground after completing the project which has got to be the highest order of a modders nightmare, he got right back onto fixing it & it's all really nice & highly creative modding, this 1 was seriously hard to knock off as a vote for me.

motorsportcfd not really my cup of coffee but it's clearly got plenty of awesome about it.

I'll have to sub to alains log, love the polished copper pipes & all the modding on it in general, really really nice work, I know he said it was completed already but had to hold it back because of a competition but how to make water cooling look a lot cooler, this dude really knows how to with the solid polished pipe work, gorgeous & more so than his last project. :D

thechoozen Incredibly talented & super hyper active modders, everything they make is sooo top notch & man they have a really broad range of skills, think they do everything themselves, even the air brushing in their projects, got a mountain of respect for these guys. :D

wejjy's project is looking kickass & nice to see someone do a different desk :D:p and with an overkill rig inside it, awesome. :D

Razer2007 project is the one I voted for, he's doing a jaw dropping job of everything on it so far & going about it with my favourite method of the hard unpredictable way :) really want to see him complete it when he gets chance to, education & all choking up time but what he's done so far freaking rocks.
Razer2007 8th March 2012, 16:05 Quote
Wow what a privilege to be in again! :)

I was a bit disappointed that they put me in with so little progress on the case, but I won't complain :)

Thanks guys. The competition is tough with all of the competitors being outstanding projects!
jhanlon303 8th March 2012, 16:29 Quote
Originally Posted by Razer2007
Wow what a privilege to be in again! :)

I was a bit disappointed that they put me in with so little progress on the case, but I won't complain :)

Thanks guys. The competition is tough with all of the competitors being outstanding projects!

It's sometimes just about presentation of what you have done, the design goals, and the craftsmanship level accomplished with the time and tools available to the individual modder.

Got my vote.

motorsportcfd 8th March 2012, 17:39 Quote
I am definitely humbled and honored to be nominated for MOTM! I am completely surprised! Thanks guys!:o

Best of luck to everyone, all the builds are fantastic builds that I am subbed to!
thechoozen 8th March 2012, 18:08 Quote
Wow!!! been nominated for MOTM is always a big honor! thanks a lot guys!!!
and best of luck to all other contestants!!
quizz_kid 8th March 2012, 19:48 Quote
Happy to be nominated! Good competition too... GL all!
jhanlon303 8th March 2012, 20:02 Quote
Forum needs a like button! So many good mods this month.

Waynio 8th March 2012, 20:18 Quote
Originally Posted by jhanlon303
Forum needs a like button! So many good mods this month.


It would make a nice addition to the rep & star system. :)

Congrats again all nominees, awesome month of mods.
jhanlon303 8th March 2012, 20:24 Quote
mi1ez 8th March 2012, 21:45 Quote
How is anyone supposed to pick winners from those?!
jhanlon303 8th March 2012, 21:52 Quote
I had 3 MOTM nominations before I won MOTM. Is very subjective. We only get one vote. Are we voting on who has the best mod now? Or we voting on where the next MOTY is coming from?
Is only March.

I love this place.

the john
Waynio 9th March 2012, 00:15 Quote
Originally Posted by mi1ez
How is anyone supposed to pick winners from those?!

It ain't easy I agree but :D I like a bit of difficulty, makes you properly look through the logs before voting which is good IMO, it was getting silly, some months last year I lazily picked all of them but with going back to 1 vote I have to use my brain again which is good.

I started voting for only 1 on the last MOTM of 2011 because I already recognised how silly it was getting, was a good experiment to see what it went like for all of last year but I do think it exposed how silly it was. :D

I for 1 like the change back to how it were.
GuilleAcoustic 9th March 2012, 08:52 Quote
Vote casted. Good luck to everyone ;)
Vo0Ds 9th March 2012, 09:24 Quote
Wow, the standard of MOTM gets better almost every month! Looks like it's going to be close. Also interesting to see that Bill's changed up the prizes a bit.
alain-s 9th March 2012, 09:30 Quote
Thank u for nominating me for MOTM :D GL to all there are some very nice projects in it. Personal favorite is the 4M :p
I love wood but didn't had to change to make a casemod with it atm but the future i will bring some change is to that :D
bugeye 9th March 2012, 14:51 Quote
All very worthy entries this month ;) but Quizz_kid get my vote for the clean and sharp woodworking skills ....
KryptiK 9th March 2012, 20:50 Quote
Proxima FTW!!
Asouter 11th March 2012, 16:28 Quote
Very hard to chose a winner, I have voted at long last and had a good look through the logs. Thanks bit-tech the projects selected were very close and you made it incredibly hard to pick one.:(
Waynio 11th March 2012, 17:09 Quote
Hopefully the low vote count will rise much higher & is just a slow rise with having to think about which one you pick after having it too easy picking last year. :)

Even with picking 1 it definitely doesn't mean the ones you don't vote for are worse especially when it's tough to pick one, that simply means it's really closely matched.

Anyone who remembers picking a MOTY favourite from a while ago with 1 vote will find this a lot easier than that, that was really hard, I think 3 would be the right amount for MOTY, suppose maybe 2 for MOTM if the majority of people really don't like 1 vote.

Another problem I seen with multi vote was biased friend votes picking their mates not using the other votes even when a really good bunch was on so it made for really wrong looking outcomes, not overall but some did look well out of place & shown massive bias.

It looks like a good neck & neck clash between the 2 highest vote counts though. :D
Paladin | Patrick 11th March 2012, 17:21 Quote
I like the Cosmos II - 2 in 1 ... voted
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