Mod of the Month January 2012

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bulldogjeff 12th February 2012, 19:21 Quote
That was a hard one to sort out this month, they're all so good.

The quality of the projects on here at the moment are insanely high right now.

If I owned a dremel I think I would hang it up right now!
cokolin21 13th February 2012, 13:49 Quote
Raikkenstein by Raikkok is the best
ASPHIAX 19th February 2012, 11:27 Quote
Congratulations Raikkok !
Raikkok 19th February 2012, 13:04 Quote
Thanks so much ASPHIAX

The level of this month, was really hard

I ´m waiting some materials to continue and finish the mod ;)
bugeye 19th February 2012, 13:48 Quote
Congrats' Raikkok ... well deserved win :)
Raikkok 25th February 2012, 19:44 Quote
Any idea about the prizes?
daniel24maio 1st March 2012, 00:00 Quote
Ultra Box by Marcos_Viegas, is my vote!
very very cool!!!
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