Mod of the Month November 2011

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Luciel 6th December 2011, 21:50 Quote
aw, didn´t make it in to the motm : (

aniway voted for angel´s, good luck bro!
Dagored 6th December 2011, 23:21 Quote
All fantastic mods ... congratulations to the authors!;)
mnpctech 7th December 2011, 01:15 Quote
We have got some really TALENTED guys and amazing projects this round

Good luck to you all
mordillo 7th December 2011, 07:34 Quote
First of all i would like to thank being nominated to mod of the mounth.

It is a true honour.

All 6 are great mod's.

Good luck to all and remember to vote on your favourite!
yassarikhan786 7th December 2011, 10:24 Quote
AnG3L's and Mark88's mods are my favorites this time around. The other builds are amazing as well though and good luck to all of these amazing modders.
Hannes 7th December 2011, 12:56 Quote
My vote will go to Bl00m and his Silent Shadow. Saw it IRL on DreamHack and it's really nice. His pictures doesn't make it justice at all.
Winkston 7th December 2011, 13:16 Quote
Excelent project, but my voter goes to Mariazinha by Mordillo.
warboy 7th December 2011, 16:09 Quote
+1 vote for Chrono mod !!!!!
Shadow703793 7th December 2011, 16:42 Quote
Originally Posted by Paslis
Voted AnG3L awsome design dude. :D

Agreed. I can't wait to see the final outcome of that build. This is more of the more unusual design's I've seen so far on bit tech.
jadawgis732 7th December 2011, 17:43 Quote
I vote for the Corsair 600 mod.
Mad_Bull 8th December 2011, 10:14 Quote
Great job Mark ;) Congratulations to all participants
Nanosec 8th December 2011, 19:54 Quote
Another vote Cast for Ang3l, good luck to all !!
voigts 10th December 2011, 12:42 Quote
Originally Posted by Cheapskate
Is it me, or is the craftsmanship of the builders here improving?

Its not just you. I've noticed the same thing. After this mod of the month, MOTY is going to be a real nail-biter trying to decide between the cases we've seen here this year.
GaryP 11th December 2011, 21:42 Quote
Great Mods this month. Well done everyone.
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