Mod of the Month October 2011

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kier 24th November 2011, 19:11 Quote
Great selection this month, but I really have to vote for my favorit modders
Attila and p0Pe

Superb job all of you
TheGreatSatan 26th November 2011, 03:51 Quote
It's a tie!
Waynio 26th November 2011, 04:11 Quote
Originally Posted by TheGreatSatan
It's a tie!

Awesome first time I've seen that :D.

I couldn't pick a top 3 this month so went with just 1, was too difficult to pick with them all being excellent :?:D.

edit: says the poll closes on the 30th thought it had closed already :p.
Fuganater 5th December 2011, 23:35 Quote
Gentleman_Dingo 6th December 2011, 00:33 Quote
Congrats Pope, Attila and Paslis!
p0Pe 6th December 2011, 10:20 Quote
Thanks guys:D
Paslis 6th December 2011, 14:40 Quote
Thanks monkeyfun. :D
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