Mod of the Month October 2010

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bulldogjeff 12th November 2010, 12:39 Quote
Has to be Monster 2 for me, the art work on this thing is mega.
Lucy2005 12th November 2010, 12:44 Quote
Tron is awesome, gets my vote
WarrenJ 12th November 2010, 13:07 Quote
Think Tron has the "Mod of the Moment" covered, great timing to be entered into motm.

However, monster 2's artwork is great.

My vote goes to Tron. Great timing, can't wait to see the film, well executed and clean.
Blademrk 12th November 2010, 13:14 Quote
T.R.O.N. [V4] although Tiki and Monster were really close too.
devilxc 12th November 2010, 13:18 Quote
Tron all the way. I love the look of BETA but I think it is too early to tell! Great work guys.
Razer2007 12th November 2010, 13:30 Quote
I love BETA and TRON. had a hard time choosing. I think BETA will be very cool later on, but it's still hard to tell. I voted for BETA. Now he has to put in everything.
Coltch 12th November 2010, 13:39 Quote
T.R.O.N. [V4] for me although Tiki looks good
AnG3L 12th November 2010, 14:15 Quote
Beta for the unique design!! Congrats to all the contestants!
Hakuren 12th November 2010, 14:36 Quote
TRON the one and only.
BRAWL 12th November 2010, 15:13 Quote
Gtek 12th November 2010, 15:20 Quote
Thank you for MOTM nominationa and for your votes. I'm going to restart work on BETA today. Thanks again.
tout_tribal 12th November 2010, 15:29 Quote
thank for my nomination at MOTM
you will not be disappointed for the rest of the project
lobster_johnson 12th November 2010, 15:34 Quote
This is a really hard race!
I went with BETA because I have a special place in my heart for small cases with big fans, but all of these are fantastic.

craigr1982 12th November 2010, 17:13 Quote
Wow, hard choice this time. I think for me its between BETA and TRON.
PabloFunky 12th November 2010, 17:14 Quote
Thanks guys for the nomi nation option for Monster2,

Really glad you like the artwork, however im hoping you vote for me for the 100% custom build, as put in many hours on this, aswell as the artwork.

I wont be trying to find freinds just to get them to vote for me, hoping project will make its own votes from people as such.

Special thanks to bulldog, also.

Monster3 is in progress, but its mainly a perfected Monster2
and there is a mini monster, which is an itx based pc, its tiny and will look as close to Monster2 as possible, but first things first.
Waynio 12th November 2010, 17:39 Quote
:D Another tough decision lol, I'm a little exhausted mentally at the moment & like them all in more than 1 way so I'll decide over a few days ;).

Actually Monster2 really caught my eye & like the zombie art on the side :D.
Dragonphreak 12th November 2010, 19:03 Quote
gonna go with Tron on this one. Love the design.
stonedsurd 12th November 2010, 19:31 Quote
TRON! Just in time for the movie too :D
andy_mcp1 12th November 2010, 19:39 Quote
Lol, I didnt know that my TRON case had been nominated till I read a mail from one of my mate just 5 min ago, lol. It's been a wee while since I last updated as I've been too engrossed in building the case + had my one and only power supply out of my present case for test fitting in the new TRON one, lol. Think I had better get on to uploading those photos this evening, and double my efforts into getting it completed so that you can see some more progress/eye candy!! Thanks to bit-tech for the nomination and to all for your votes, very much appreciated, also a big congrats to the other nominees!!
andybones 12th November 2010, 23:26 Quote
Vote for the Monster 2.Got all the precision involved and future proofed design.
Great compo.

Candyviper 13th November 2010, 02:51 Quote
Most definately TRON but the Ivory tower is just some great old fashioned modding, as opposed to a scratch build
Waynio 13th November 2010, 03:40 Quote
OK, had a few hours with nothing to do so thought I'd properly checkout this months MOTM nominee's, congrats all ;).

I understand how MOTM works now & is kinda based on what you think looks the most promising, not the stage it's at so my vote is going to be a little different from now on, it's MOTY where your voting on completed cases ;).

Sheesh if it takes me 4 hours just to properly checkout 6 project logs it'll take me a week or more to analyse MOTY :).

BETA by Gtek

Which ones that, he does so many lol joking :D.

DuallPhantoM by k.3nny

Nice paint job & nice adaptation with the optical drive for a radiator, overall a nice clean mod.

Monster2 by PabloFunky

This really is a very bada$$ rig with some ultra nice touches but I didn't see 1 WIP picture in the log, just ready made parts, sorry, but I don't see any modding skills at all going into this, it is however a nice sturdy unique case though & I do like the artwork the artist really is superb so the mystery artist gets 10/10 from me, overall this case strikes me as a performance enthusiast retail case or maybe it should be if it isn't already ;).
Honestly if this was manually done which it very well could have been I believe this would have been my number 1 this month, it's a crazy beast, no WIP pics though so no vote.

The Ivory Tower by -TYPHOON-

At first I thought it was going to be a normal mod, but wow some serious modding going into it, completely gutted the original insides turning it into something soooo different, the great thing about this approach is the side panels will work just like good old Lian-Li side panels do ;).
I definitely like this one & I'm subbing to it, one of the best ideas for a base on a case mod I've seen in a while, just rip the insides out & give it new guts while retaining it's functionality = Pure Awesome ;).

Tiki by tout_tribal

Firstly wow this one dates back some time & is awesome you got back to finishing it :).
Secondly I think it's really cool that you had a tag team mod force with your granddad ;), the carving work is really nice, I definitely prefer manually made mods.
Google translator maybe all over the place but I nearly coated my monitor in coffee laughing at one of the lines lol, was quite bizarre but yeah overall it's a really nice mod that'll be full of good memories, this is a rare warm fuzzy mod & I like it ;).
And of course it looks excellent :).

T.R.O.N [V4] by andy_mcp1
Been following this one & he is doing awesome with the 1 sheet of aluminium folded up, definitely not an easy task but OMG he's ploughing through it nicely & I expect will look awesome when it's complete :D ;).

Damn, tough call, very tough call but I'm going with this podium.

Gtek in at 1st - this dude is a crazy unstoppable mod machine with sweet original ideas & awesome diy skill :D.

andy_mcp1 in at 2nd - Awesome diy modding & is coming along very very well.

-TYPHOON- in 3rd with modding ideas like this I expect great things of him.
PabloFunky 13th November 2010, 06:59 Quote
qualified as a electro mech engineer, so not sure if thats cheating as such, and indeed was done manually

all internal structure was manually guilotined and folded on brake presses etc, manually marked out.

however it was originally gonna be for retail, but never got that far yet.

Yes, sorry for the instant build log, case has been many many hours in production and was on another forum, and so on, so i put the log up as pretty much a one hit log.

not sure i wanna post all the milling machine setting up pics and the workshop floor and the blood and cuts and so on.
i even milled the slots for the side panels at 3.2mm to allow for them to sit flush taking into account powder and artwork on panels etc.

i would say true, not really a mod, as a scratch build, this creates a prototype, so deffo a manual build in most part, but now can easily be a retail product

but thanks for any votes that have been given, good luck to all nominees and the winner TRON. :D.

will post workshop pics on Monster3 in future if i can.

fluxtatic 13th November 2010, 07:53 Quote
Had to vote Beta - the design is the sickness
k.3nny 13th November 2010, 16:37 Quote
Heey members of Bit-tech!

Thnks for the nominee of the MOTM!

I got the same situation As Andy, Got some mail of a friend that he was telling me that i was an motm nominee,

Its time to work my butt off, need to sleev my whole PSU, Im out gonna work hard now :P
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