Mod of the Month August 2010

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docodine 10th September 2010, 09:24 Quote
Phinix Nano gets my vote, good luck all!
[ZiiP] NaloaC 10th September 2010, 09:36 Quote
Toss up between Future and Phinix, have to mull over it for a few hours....
mi1ez 10th September 2010, 09:59 Quote
Got to be Phinix for me, that hexagonal pattern on the panels looks great!
thomuk 10th September 2010, 10:10 Quote
Future Schlock gets my vote
Tasslehoff 10th September 2010, 10:31 Quote
I like future schlock as well, but my vote goes to the Phinix Nano Tower
stonedsurd 10th September 2010, 10:45 Quote
Kenny_McCormick 10th September 2010, 10:45 Quote
I also do like AnG3Ls mod. But my vote goes to Phinix this time.

GL everyone.
AnG3L 10th September 2010, 10:54 Quote
Originally Posted by thomuk
Future Schlock gets my vote

Thanks buddy!

Thanks to all the support and good luck to all the modders and friends! :)
TheUn4seen 10th September 2010, 10:59 Quote
It's really great to see that quality of the mods (by which I understand the amount of thought and work put into them) is increasing with every MOTM competition. Only a few years ago fitting a window into a stock case was considered extreme, it's great to see the evolution.
PureSilver 10th September 2010, 11:22 Quote
Phinix gets my vote, but I love Toxicity too...
Sonnenschein 10th September 2010, 11:39 Quote
Vote for PLXTC - great concept!!!
steve30x 10th September 2010, 12:15 Quote
I love to see those mods. I wish I could do DIY like that so that I could add a fan to the sidepanel of my 800D.
HandMadeAndroid 10th September 2010, 12:31 Quote
Been following Phinix over the last few weeks and I think his work is craftsmanship. Combine that with great design and your onto a winner....can't wait to see it finished.
devilxc 10th September 2010, 13:38 Quote
Phinix has my vote... great design. It is a beauty.
WildThing 10th September 2010, 14:01 Quote
Voted for Phinix Nano Tower, looks cool.;)
General_Confusion 10th September 2010, 14:17 Quote
There are several awsome builds this month, but as I can only choose one, it's going to have to be the nano ;)
Waynio 10th September 2010, 14:38 Quote
Time for my lengthy analyses, wish I could sum it up as simple as some of you guys lol "x got my vote" :D.

Gulp, back to tough decisions again lol I love motm as it opens my eyes to some fantastic mods I might never have seen, sooo many awesome worklogs that slip my radar.

EVGA Classified SR-2 Case by Spotswood, I like this monsta case solidly well built & destined to be an absolute power house of a rig, crazy big, could put my air cube with tower inside it as a component lol :D.

Future Schlock by AnG3L, followed from the start & enjoyed it all, love the fact fancy designs are throughout every part & add some funky art tricks & you have a typical form of case but precisely to your requirements & looks nice all over & I expect will perform extremely well.

Jestercon by Blooddrunken, wow whole lot of work gone into this & it looks top notch too, coming along really well, I love the layered method it's something I'll be doing in my next mod, enables unthinkable possibilities to be possible I love it when modders do it by hand & it looks machined.

Phinix Nano Tower by phinix, awesome design looks very well planned, looks good & solid with the solid alum bars & decently thick sheet, beautiful powerful little mod me likey :), I've gotten over my hate for cnc lol :D, I mean if I were not able to use a garage I'd probably do things like this, it takes some skill development away & the fun of catching experience & I'd expect costs a whole lot more but still you have the piece intended which is very cool congrats :) very awesome lil power pc.

PLXTC by thechoozen
Sheesh another highly awesome mod, how the heck is anyone meant to choose a number 1 lol, well done thechoozen it's different & awesome, shame the motor fluffed up at the gamescon, might have won, you guys are plexmasters :).

Toxicity by craigr1982, Nice how you put video updates for much of this, looking a nice very clean project so far with plenty of how to's, keep it up :).

Damn my head is spinning, had a review of the nominees & no clear number 1, going to have to step back & think lol :D.

Narrowed it down to be between EVGA Classified SR-2 Case, Future Schlock, Jestercon, Phinix Nano Tower, PLXTC.

Mexican standoff between Future Schlock, Phinix Nano Tower, PLXTC

Then went down to a duel between Future Schlock & Phinix Nano Tower, now I am pickled as to which one to vote for.

I'll go with the one which inspired me the most with the finishing perfection which is Future Schlock, congrats AnG3L :D;).
craigbru 10th September 2010, 14:42 Quote
What a great bunch of mods to choose from! Congratulations to everyone nominated! I'm going to have to ponder on this for a bit...
Waynio 10th September 2010, 14:47 Quote
Originally Posted by craigbru
What a great bunch of mods to choose from! Congratulations to everyone nominated! I'm going to have to ponder on this for a bit...

Agreed, was really tough picking a number 1 as they are all very awesome .
Kaldskryke 10th September 2010, 16:20 Quote
I had a hard time deciding between the Phinix tower and Spotswood's SR2 monster.

The SR2 is absolutely massive - the blurb given on this article doesn't do a very good job of showing the size (and it makes an error in saying the radiators are quad-120mm, they are quad-140mm!). It looks to be taller than most of my cousins. The article also seems to imply that Spotswood is building this for himself, which is not true - he was commissioned.

I really appreciate the Phinix Nano Tower's efficient use of space, and I think the hex pattern motif looks great. I've been wishing to see this case done since nearly a year ago when Phinix said he intended to use nvidia's next major graphics card.

I ended up voting for the Nano Tower, but I'm still very excited to see all of these cases finished!
capnPedro 10th September 2010, 17:43 Quote
It's a very tough decision this month - those are some cracking entries!
perplekks45 10th September 2010, 18:18 Quote
Just had to give my vote to Ang3l... amazing stuff, again! ;)

All of these mods are well worthy to win though.
xXSebaSXx 10th September 2010, 20:43 Quote
Originally Posted by
Gotta go with Phinix Nano.... amazing use of space and materials.
Razer2007 10th September 2010, 21:43 Quote
Voted for PLXTC. After that I saw how good Phinix Nano Tower is. both is good for me. hard to decide. I just think Phinx does more to make it look good. PLXTC is good, but very little is done in comparison to what is done in Nano Tower.
AnG3L 10th September 2010, 23:03 Quote
Waynio and perplekks45 thanks so much for one more time for your support ;)
Perplekks45 where have you been buddy? Long time no see! :)
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