Mod of the Month - July 2010

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Kenny_McCormick 6th August 2010, 10:54 Quote

Osidias by Craigbru gets my vote.
Canon 6th August 2010, 10:56 Quote
+1 for Osidias by Craigbru. All fantastic.
stonedsurd 6th August 2010, 10:57 Quote
That was a hard vote :/
shoxicwaste 6th August 2010, 11:06 Quote
Love the Intel ice!
confusis 6th August 2010, 11:11 Quote
Craig - no doubt about it~!

(heres hoping I get a nomination for August :) )
mi1ez 6th August 2010, 11:19 Quote
3 great contenders this month in Biohazard, Intel Ice, and the Carbon Fibre one...
liratheal 6th August 2010, 11:45 Quote
No offence to the rest of the modders, they're all fine pieces of work, but Umbrella (Resident Evil) anything gets my vote.

Biohazard. Very nice build skills, very nicely thought out, and very appropriate design.
Baz 6th August 2010, 12:15 Quote
Biohazard gets my votes. Wonderful detail and design - brilliant!
phinix 6th August 2010, 12:15 Quote
I don't see any problem in voting this month...
Craig gets my vote, no doubt in that.
nhojnomis 6th August 2010, 13:01 Quote
Biohazard is fantastic, but more of a practical art project.

Osidias gets my vote.............word's fail me it is so amazing
matt... 6th August 2010, 13:17 Quote
Seems so unfair to have to choose just one - I'm in awe of so much of all those efforts :-)
BLUEHORSESTUDIOS 6th August 2010, 13:25 Quote
I just want to say that its such an honor to nominated ,and to be in a class with all these great modders is amazing! Good luck everyone.
Waynio 6th August 2010, 13:26 Quote
Often there are projects that are fantastic in motm & sometimes I vote for my 2nd favourite guessing the number 1 would win, not this time, Craig is pushing further than I probably ever will with unbelievable awesomeness, an expensive, incredibly skilled & THE master of using space outstandingly, the others really are excellent but this was a no brainer for me.
If this Osidias case isn't worthy of many front page magazines I really don't know what is :D.
daletur328 6th August 2010, 13:43 Quote
Osidias by Craigbru has my vote, great choice of unusual materials!
Bumfluff101 6th August 2010, 14:22 Quote
Another one for Osidias but do like the intel ice
craigbru 6th August 2010, 15:06 Quote
Wow, I'm honored with the nomination Antony (and bit-tech)! What a great bunch of nominees all the way around! Good luck guys!
Blademrk 6th August 2010, 15:24 Quote
Tough choice... Intel Ice looks awesome, Negative Space (also the name of one of my favourite Spineshank songs) also looks pretty interesting, but in the end voted for Osidias.
MrNitro 6th August 2010, 15:49 Quote
OSIDIAS by craigbru...CF FTW!
Sloth 6th August 2010, 16:36 Quote
Enemigo Publiko for me! Unique paint job and moving parts ftw!
docodine 6th August 2010, 16:41 Quote
+1 Biohazard, though craigbru is probably going to win.
pinchillo 6th August 2010, 17:35 Quote
Biohazard the best mod of the month regardless of the rating.

+1 for the artistic Mods. :D
Redbeaver 6th August 2010, 19:11 Quote
theyr all great!

tho DANG that resident evil theme got wicked wicked details on the paint..... WICKED.
riekmaharg2 6th August 2010, 19:39 Quote
BIOHAZARD got my vote for all its perfect craft work and painting.
shomann 6th August 2010, 21:01 Quote
I voted for the MOTY winner (assuming he gets it done this year).
brigitte36 6th August 2010, 23:50 Quote
Biohazard got my vote,i love your work
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