Mod of the Month - February 2010

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Furioushamster 5th March 2010, 11:01 Quote
Damn, they're all good :/
Dragunover 5th March 2010, 11:07 Quote
I liked all of them except the guitar....
Not sure why someone would do that (it definitely doesn't look pretty or interesting to me)
pimonserry 5th March 2010, 11:42 Quote
That A380 looks quite something.
mi1ez 5th March 2010, 11:53 Quote
If the guitar still works, and you can fit a pickup, I'm doing one for myself!
El Rando 5th March 2010, 13:05 Quote
They're all cool but the AC380 mod always has me drooling so that gets me vote. Good luck ya'll
airchie 5th March 2010, 13:09 Quote
Loving the CNC porn but also loving the Russian steampunk PSU. :)
o1wish 5th March 2010, 15:15 Quote
creativity is just bursting from all types of seams. liking the PSU, but the epic one seems like it might win me this time round. that talent behind the designing!
poollard 5th March 2010, 16:04 Quote
im quite liking the Steampunk from RUSSIA by tarator its looking beasty and cant wait for the end product should be ace :D
LithiumDesign 5th March 2010, 16:09 Quote
Steampunk, very intersting design. Talented.
death_munky 5th March 2010, 16:14 Quote
I think i have to give it to djayness this month, i really like the look of the project and it's one of the least fussy looking acrylic builds i've seen. I've also enjoyed seeing the progression over time from his earlier builds to this one
confusis 5th March 2010, 17:36 Quote
who's leg do you have to hump to get a MOM nomination? Oh well I've got some interesting design ideas coming through this month :)
IanW 5th March 2010, 18:01 Quote
Tarator for me. Anyone who hand-makes their own screws deserves a MOTM!
La carotte d l'o 5th March 2010, 18:04 Quote
Bärsärkar-gång got my vote, i also loved steampunk from russia. Nice projects all of them, but hand made gorgeus metal work just takes my heart ;)
wbdog206 5th March 2010, 18:15 Quote
As always their all great mods.
But I keep getting drawn back to the A380.
Grats to all on the nominations.
HandMadeAndroid 5th March 2010, 18:39 Quote
dam this is so hard, I'm really impressed with Achron,A380 and Epic PC X. I love the aesthetic of the A380 case, it's almost jetsons. I'm going to vote for him because he's spent the least money out of the three I've shortlisted!
AcidDagger 5th March 2010, 19:53 Quote
A380 gets my vote
confusis 5th March 2010, 20:54 Quote
I voted epic because its well... epic!
Waynio 5th March 2010, 21:15 Quote
Seriously OMG, which one, is this the toughest month to judge ever or what, honestly, can't belive I've got to pick only 1 :'( .

I originally threw a stupid wobbler on Achron's project log (stupid me) when my head wasn't so clear thinking, I came around to the fact cnc has been around & is there for all to do if they learn heaps of info and can access the machines, kinda taking over in modding now it's a fine example of some of what he has learned in engineering, I like it a lot, and respect it all the more as it's all done by Achron, cnc master ;).

A380 Mod
Not followed it, but from the pictures it looks really nicely done, a very polished mod, and I love old school modding, you know the type that most can take up as a hobby :p.

Another epic mod, I've followed this one & it is heaving with sweet details, some hidden and the dedication to keeping only brass parts, making his own screws was quite something, not too much cnc plenty of skilled manual work in this mod, the leather work was a great touch too, I highly rate this piece, it's excellent & unique.

Nice, it is the to still function as a guitar bit I'd like to see & I am a fan of to be built as cheaply as possible, but honestly being up against the others in this months MOTM, not really there for me, sorry.

Epic PC X Series
Not followed it, only just found out about it, so had to have a look through this awesome looking project log, and what can I say Awesome & Epic :D. I really like the fact all the water cooling blocks are all made by him ;).

Steampunk from RUSSIA
Ok, I have to admit this is my favourite of the bunch, I know it is nowhere near finished but since it has been rushed into MOTM prematurely like so many seem to, I'm going to have to vote for it because I just know this is going to be absolutely stunning when it all comes together, so far all manual work with fantastic looks ;).

Really tough call this month as there is:
Steampunk from RUSSIA being my favourite.
Bärsärkar-gång which I my 2nd favourite here.
Acronym for blowing my mind with the crazy cnc skills he posseses.
Epic PC X Series for a very very well done case with all custom blocks.
Would have prefered to see these spread out over coming months as they are all awesome mods, but can only pick 1 so I'm going with Steampunk from RUSSIA .
craigbru 5th March 2010, 21:21 Quote
Oh man, this might be one of the hardest MotM decisions I've ever had to make. They are all amazing! I must ponder this for a bit...
Waynio 5th March 2010, 21:22 Quote
Originally Posted by confusis
who's leg do you have to hump to get a MOM nomination? Oh well I've got some interesting design ideas coming through this month :)

LOL, I know :D.
Attila 5th March 2010, 22:16 Quote
A really tough decision between Mach and tarator, really great skill and problem
solving by both. I ended up going for tarator though, those hand cut columns are
just magical, beautiful hand made parts always get my attention.

By the way you have to feel sorry for the guy who's making the PC guitar. I'm not
denegrating the project (I think it's quite cool), but it's cetainly the odd one out here.
Hindsight aside, I'm sure anyone could have guessed the look of the vote table.
It should have been held over and put with more similar company.
Reverse 6th March 2010, 00:47 Quote
Steampunk from RUSSIA by tarator
Easy.... I would vote for the a380, but it's nowhere near finished and can still go wrong...
Cheapskate 6th March 2010, 01:36 Quote
Ah, man. You guys don't make this easy. This may be down to a coin toss for me.

-And is it me, or do I get quoted a lot in MOTM intros?:|

Edit: I'm Giving it to Mach this time around. Metal working, soldering, woodworking, etching, ray skin leatherwork... He's running out of techniques you can use.:)
The boy 4rm oz 6th March 2010, 13:43 Quote
So much awesomeness this month :D.
rickysio 7th March 2010, 04:56 Quote
Vote for the boob case!

Jokes aside, tarator's incredible. :X
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