Mod of the Month - September 2009

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Linuxfan2000 12th October 2009, 17:10 Quote
Pure took a lot of hard work, I would vote for it. Very very clean.
slugbug 12th October 2009, 17:32 Quote
I love that wall mount case.
Cheapskate 12th October 2009, 19:46 Quote
All the cases are good, but Ringo gets my vote. 12th October 2009, 21:06 Quote
Pure sex for me ;)
gnutonian 12th October 2009, 21:36 Quote
I voted for the wall-mounted case because I've been thinking about doing the same (I'm just too lazy, unskilled, and lazy). Modded or not, a CPU box on the floor/desk gets in the way somehow (mine are all full of GNU stickers just to cheer me up - I don't get visits so propaganda is, for once, no reason). So I guess I'm supportively jealous of the beautiful realisation of a good idea!
der_george 12th October 2009, 22:11 Quote
Ringo gets mine. The rest are good to.
dark_avenger 12th October 2009, 23:56 Quote
+1 for the all mounted case
a truly awesome idea
mnpctech 13th October 2009, 00:42 Quote
I know this will sound biased, but I loved PURE even before subset7 installed our billet fan grills on the top :D
BohleyK 13th October 2009, 05:20 Quote
Project Pure!
Loom 13th October 2009, 06:09 Quote
Wish I had 6 votes... well done everyone!
mi1ez 13th October 2009, 09:25 Quote
Project pure is beautiful, but I'm intrigued by Seawolf...
LauBen 13th October 2009, 11:32 Quote
+1 for Project PURE
alick 13th October 2009, 16:53 Quote
Originally Posted by Jack_Pepsi
Originally Posted by alick
Wall mount case sum thing difrent , inovative , very practical and a fineshed projekt im realy bord with all theys basik case modes sum thing on motm shouldent look like a standered case and should be 90+% fineshed

I don't mean to offend you, but d'you not have a spell checker for your browser? I do apologise if I've offended but I'm a spelling and grammar Nazi.

no offence taken as long as pepole can understand wot i write its good enuf for me i could spend more time using google to spell or a spellcheker but if pepole allredy understand then im wasting my time

Jipa i dident mean in eney way a "slandered case mod" was **** or eney thing im just not interested in them , i wont to see original ideas , innovative
Editor22 14th October 2009, 15:34 Quote
Geez this months a tough call! all of them are awesome and great reads...... time to ponder
Mino 15th October 2009, 21:54 Quote
All the mods are amazing, as usual, but Seawolf drive me crazy!
BD Hopkins 16th October 2009, 18:15 Quote
I was compelled to vote for the Wall Mount Case.

First, bfelda considered context in his design from the start, something few scratch builders seem to take seriously. Simply put, I take context to mean the environment in which something is situated, and what's important here is how the case looks in relation to its environment (and vice versa).

It's the form of the piece that works so well contextually; the circular shape, its diameter, and its depth of protrusion is aesthetically stimulating not necessarily in and of itself, but owing to its position on the wall and vis-à-vis the TV. My taste would have the surface of the case looking more metallic like one of his pre-production renders, although this approach might not work so well with the light browns in some of his furniture.

Second, he made visual context--the wall--a physical part of the case. Integration of case and environment tends to excite me, especially when it is so fluid. Well done, sir.
grishkafool 17th October 2009, 21:51 Quote
I would vote for Project Pure, but I don't see a Vote Button.
kaujazz 17th October 2009, 23:44 Quote
The APOC Project gets my vote :D
Steveo 18th October 2009, 04:56 Quote
Originally Posted by tk421
sorry, but the stormtrooper in me just has to go with PURE. .

I totally agree, +1 to pure, absolutely fabulous.
bootupbuddha 18th October 2009, 21:01 Quote
Meaning no disrespect to any of the modders up for motm - I just can't see voting for an incomplete case. So as I see it there are only two cases that are vote-able, one a very clean mod and the other a scratch build, two different categories and if I got to vote on categories then each of these would get my vote.

I look forward to the incomplete builds getting completed, cause then I am going to have a hard time deciding as I really like them all...

No disrespect to Bit-tech (you guys rock and always have) but you should change the rules. imho
woody_294 24th October 2009, 01:56 Quote
Deffo pure love that case :) Thanks for the votes whoever voted for me :D

@Bootupbuddha, I'll try and get it finished asap ;p
theoeyeo 28th November 2011, 10:38 Quote
love the pure white look.
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