Mod of the Month - May 2009

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badje 16th June 2009, 10:13 Quote
oh oh oh it is so hard this month, so much nice cases and worklogs.
But the voodoo case concept gets my vote. I just love the shape.
tominated 16th June 2009, 10:18 Quote
Originally Posted by badje
oh oh oh it is so hard this month, so much nice cases and worklogs.
But the voodoo case concept gets my vote. I just love the shape.

Colossous 16th June 2009, 10:23 Quote
They really are great mods this month - my vote go's to Bods though - great attention to detail ;)
Jenny_Y8S 16th June 2009, 10:23 Quote
Migui 2 by MIGUI gets my vote, gotta love the automation!
Xtrafresh 16th June 2009, 10:26 Quote
Great entries this month, but Boddaker gets my +1 for actually pulling off that double bottom with the three loops running through it. They way functionality, design and technical execution come together in this case is just off the charts!
The boy 4rm oz 16th June 2009, 10:37 Quote
OMFG, why, why must all the mods be so awesome this month lol. I am torn between Neptun's Trident, AluChill, Migui 2 and Checkmate, I can't decide, I love all 4.

I have watched Neptune's Trident from the start on both TBCS and B-T and have loved every minute of it so I think I am going to have to vote for Bod (sorry E.E.L, Bod snags the vote this time, just).

Congratz to all the nominees, I wish you all the best of luck.
[USRF]Obiwan 16th June 2009, 10:39 Quote
Boddaker gets my vote too. Love the triple loop setup and taking a bite out of the side and front panel is basically a unique feature not seen before.

The problem here is that we got two completely different categories: Case Mods and Case Builds.
I think BT should bring a CB of the month and a CM of the month if possible. Maybe they get both categories shift two weeks apart. so we can view a mod or build every two weeks.
coolmiester 16th June 2009, 10:44 Quote
Great idea [USRF]Obiwan - far to much time between MOTM or mod features in general for that matter.
liratheal 16th June 2009, 10:50 Quote
Son of a..

I'm gonna have to go with Bod's Trident job - I love blue!

They're all sexy as hell, though.
M7ck 16th June 2009, 11:19 Quote
All six are awesome mods and very hard to choose between. Im stuck between two...............

My vote has to go to My Voodoo Case Concept!!!!!!!

A truly beautiful case, IMHO better looking than the original.
Jipa 16th June 2009, 11:21 Quote
It's SO difficult to choose this month.. Damn. I usually tend to go for the scratch builds, but there's even a couple of excellent scratch builds this month! :D

AluChill. It would be the one that I'd most like to have on my desk :)
Mankz 16th June 2009, 11:24 Quote
Originally Posted by coolmiester
Great idea [USRF]Obiwan - far to much time between MOTM or mod features in general for that matter.


Also, as much as I like all of the mods this month, I've had to go for Bod's Mod ;)
DAVEtheRAVE 16th June 2009, 11:53 Quote
I voted for checkmate but it was soo hard to decide...
E.E.L. Ambiense 16th June 2009, 13:56 Quote
Man, these are all great mods! Well, with the exception of one. ;) Mine is probably going to go to AluChill. Nothing more cool to me that a tall ominous dark monolith, especially scratch-built.
El Rando 16th June 2009, 14:32 Quote
Quite a hard decision but i've been following this one for quite a while and its moved on so much since I last checked. So I've gone for Neptunes Trident.
Combinho 16th June 2009, 16:00 Quote
Tough call between Neptune's Trident and Aluchill, but I think the Trident sbatches it.
rowin4kicks 16th June 2009, 17:10 Quote
Trident for me
Jozo 16th June 2009, 18:35 Quote
Voted for Neptunes Trident. I just can't resist how Boddaker is pulling of that "3" theme all over the case.
tomcatt 16th June 2009, 21:12 Quote
all great project, but boddaker gots my vote ;)
disturbed13 17th June 2009, 01:32 Quote
Migui 2 is the best Mod in a long time
that has my vote
perplekks45 17th June 2009, 02:22 Quote

I have no idea. I feel like I have to vote for EEL because of all the butthole jokes. :D
wbdog206 17th June 2009, 12:36 Quote
All great mods as usual.
Hard to pick just one. But I had to go with Migui2.
jhanlon303 18th June 2009, 14:40 Quote
Too many nice mods again this month. I had to go with Boddaker. Mystique 2 is the mod that forced me to register and show off some of my ideas. Lurked forever.

Cheapskate 18th June 2009, 19:37 Quote
Monolith gets my vote. Bod wins too much anyway.:D
Redsnake77 23rd June 2009, 23:00 Quote
Really tough. Monolith is awesome, Trident's good, but the quality of AluChill just tips. I hope monolith gets nominated again before completion though.
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