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  • Project Enter the USB

    Project Enter the USB

    Modding | 1st Aug 2007 28
    Kurtis Kronk takes us through a quick and simple USB key mod which even a novice can handle and...
  • Engraving 101

    Engraving 101

    Modding | 10th Jul 2007 76
    Do you like the idea of engraving, but have been scared to get your hands dirty? Not sure what...
  • Rainbow LED

    Rainbow LED

    Modding | 28th Aug 2002
    A simple little circuit to fade an RGB LED through all the colours of the rainbow. Hmmm, nice.....
  • HDD Activity Meter

    HDD Activity Meter

    Modding > Guides | 23rd Jun 2002
    By popular demand, an LED meter to display just how hard your hard drive is working: Dave Williams...
  • Knight Rider LED mod

    Knight Rider LED mod

    Modding | 22nd Jun 2002
    Knight Rider style eye candy for your PC. This one is different, it can actually do more than...
  • PWM Fan controller

    PWM Fan controller

    Modding | 3rd Dec 2001
    Macroman controls his fans one BiT at a time by building his own PWM Fan Control circuit

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