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HandMadeAndroid 10th September 2012, 11:50 Quote
Never really understood using carbon fiber for a computer case, it's a computer, not a racing car/fast hatch-back
Krikkit 10th September 2012, 11:54 Quote
It's another interesting material to use - why use stainless or turned Alu when just bent sheets will do? Why carve a case from wood when you could use plexi?
Maki role 10th September 2012, 12:24 Quote
It's a wonderful material to use, but is very difficult to work with also. The amount of precision required to mould carbon properly is really quite a task (used it myself for some similar tasks). Although I also believe that good design is also paramount for carbon. Carbon has the ability to form beautiful, flowing forms that seem to defy what the material should be capable of. But it also looks very messy when not done right. Personally, I've been following SSR-X since pretty much day one, and I really don't like the design. Given he went through all the trouble of moulding the stuff, I was surprised he went for such and angular, ungainly look? Obviously beauty is in the eye of the beholder, I just think the material's innate appearance wasn't really exploited at all in the build. This sentiment is why I would only use carbon if I knew I could get it 100% right, a real task, but worth it in the end.
Krikkit 10th September 2012, 12:56 Quote
Trouble is that SSR-2 is meant to ape the design of the F-117A (and other stealth aircraft), so the angular, sharp shape is pretty much inevitable.

Carbon always seems like an exciting material to work with, although very tricky to get right!
PingCrosby 10th September 2012, 15:42 Quote
I made a petrol tank with my mate for his custom motorcycle out of carbon fibre and can tell you its a bugger to get right and get a good finish on the finished articles
Mechh69 10th September 2012, 15:59 Quote
Congratz Dave Front page interview. I followed the build for what seemed like forever and I respect the fact that he took a chance and use a material that was not common to computer modding. He took a big chance in regards to expense when picking that material and I think it turned out great. Like the case looks or not you have to admit that he did an excellent job on it and the thought/creativity and precision that went in the build was 2nd to none. Great Job.
oliverr97 10th September 2012, 16:18 Quote
I don't understand why people would use carbon fiber, it seems to be a pain to use and is expensive and it doesn't even look to nice. But, i suppose for the one off mod, its seems interesting.
Andy Mc 10th September 2012, 23:33 Quote
From reading up on multirotor stuff lately I have read that CF is also electrically conductive, is this right?
Cleveland216 11th September 2012, 02:00 Quote
@Andy From what I can tell, carbon fiber is not electrically conductive. It maybe on some real low voltage level, but, I haven't encountered anything of the sort.

@Mech Thanks for the support!
Cleveland216 11th September 2012, 02:01 Quote
@krikkit Good Point!

@Ping Glad to hear you have worked with CF! Now time to start modding with CF!
Maki role 11th September 2012, 21:49 Quote
Originally Posted by Krikkit
Trouble is that SSR-2 is meant to ape the design of the F-117A (and other stealth aircraft), so the angular, sharp shape is pretty much inevitable.

Carbon always seems like an exciting material to work with, although very tricky to get right!

And this is where the design elements I mentioned really come into play. A shape like say a B2 Spirit or an SR-71 Blackbird (both very renowned stealth based aircraft too) would have probably been more sympathetic to the carbon. It is indeed a tricky one, as you may just be handicapped by the subject matter rather than your own ability.
Waynio 12th September 2012, 19:30 Quote
Might lack the showroom shiny shine finish most are used to with CF but it has the important strength & light weight properties which is more important than shiny shine, he done an awesome job on it, to get everything done perfectly is asking too much for an individual first timer on a large complex geometry build like this. :)

I look forward to the article on the project it'll be a gooden, think that should have come first before this light but nice intro to CF.

Congrats on the article Dave & I can stop calling you Cleveland now. :D
Cleveland216 13th September 2012, 13:16 Quote
@Waynio. Thanks for comments and support. I didn't coat the mold with clear coat before I put the Carbon Fiber in. That what most manufactures of carbon fiber parts do, like Ferrari. It adds weight, though, the real concern is air bubbles. Ggggrrr. From what I understand AutoClaving produces the best part possible.

Over at Composite's Central Forum, forum members would think you are crazy doing such a build complex carbon fiber like I did for my first time. I didn't care, it's either sink or swim, its what comes with the passion and dedication to break into new realms and fields, not only personally, but also on a community side.

We've seen multi-million dollar machine shop's produce custom computer cases on this site, though, never anything so intricate on a carbon fiber scale. Awareness is one of my main mission's! To inspire other modders to break into using composites. Time will tell.
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