Scratchbuilt PC: cooling system and water-cooling feature

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phuzz 8th June 2012, 18:52 Quote
Nice work!
Waynio 9th June 2012, 04:41 Quote
I like what you are doing with this Antony, :) your first scratch build done with normal tools showing to anyone who might doubt themselves that modding & scratch building is average Joe compatible without spending copious amounts of money & this what you are doing is far better than my first effort like most if not all first time scratch builders these days. :D

When I say this I am definitely not joking. :D

This was my feature piece, the great snake pit of awesomeness. :D

See, & if someone said it was ugly I'd totally agree with them... Now... :) But back then I was pretty pleased with it indeed with it being my first, I just figured I could do better so persisted spending a little longer on each one but without that first one I simply wouldn't be doing what I do now & same or similar can be said for anyone who does this.

And yes that includes pro's of any level :D once upon a time they had to build skills doing something, just so happens it plays awesome to modding also. :)

Think it took me an astonishingly long week to do this first scratch build, I had no patience back then.
l3p 9th June 2012, 14:42 Quote
Makes me wanna do a scratch too again :P
Waynio 11th June 2012, 06:45 Quote
Originally Posted by l3p
Makes me wanna do a scratch too again :P

You know you want to. :D
Combatus 12th June 2012, 21:21 Quote
Thanks Waynio! TBH, you had the harder project by far for your first scratchbuild - acrylic is so much easier to work with. I think I'd probably have cried by now if I'd used any more metal than I have already and considering you mainly use hand tools and scroll saws for your works of art - that's just amazing!

But yeah, I wanted to make this project using little more than a Dremel and a heat gun to make sure the whole project costs as little as possible and needs just basic tools to make. I guess I've spent around £40 on materials so far and the rest has been scavenged. Not including the cooling gear of course - you'd have to buy that with any new PC. I've been impressed with how much you can achieve for relatively little cash (compared to a high end case for example). Looking forward to finishing it though!
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