Illuminate your PC - Part 3

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improprietary 17th February 2012, 10:57 Quote
#offtopic earlsmann site got some server issues atm
leibritz 17th February 2012, 12:58 Quote
the shop wants me to log in...
Combatus 17th February 2012, 14:24 Quote
Site's still there but the old link seems to have gone - works now!
Mr_Armageddon 17th February 2012, 16:12 Quote
I can't find any A4 size panels for less than $55 USD here in the States. So just the EL panels alone would cost me $110.
Unless I can find it cheaper, I will probably follow the method outlined by SFraze in his build log, where he makes his own illuminated panel from scratch using an LED light strip. Seem a bit brighter, and much less expensive as well.
KryptiK 18th February 2012, 10:26 Quote
looks totally badass
D B 18th February 2012, 14:46 Quote
Link at Earlsmann for EL panels does not work

Cool idea though and looks good
gigik 2nd March 2012, 09:53 Quote
Or you can use backlight panel from broken notebook lcd like I did..
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