Illuminate your PC - Part 1

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Big Elf 2nd February 2012, 18:06 Quote
Hoping to pick up some good ideas with this. At the moment the lighting in my case makes it look like a Jukebox.
feathers 2nd February 2012, 18:44 Quote
This is so freaking f*cking awesome I just can't f*cking describe how f*cking awesome this is! I want bit tech to stop reviewing games and computer hardware and just do light mod features that's how freaking excited I am! Can you tell I'm really hyped up and very excited now? This goes way beyond the high I had when I tripped on mushrooms. It's just the most freaking fcking awesomest thing ever and I want bit tech to show pretty lights every day. This is so awesome I want to mod my X52 Pro as well, maybe add some green lights and an LCD showing temperature, time of day and other stuff.
feathers 2nd February 2012, 18:46 Quote
P. S.

Just back to say I did in fact get so excited I did the mod on my X52 Pro... Here it is...
Combatus 2nd February 2012, 22:01 Quote
Originally Posted by feathers
P. S.

Just back to say I did in fact get so excited I did the mod on my X52 Pro... Here it is...

Jealous of the X52!!!
Cerberus90 2nd February 2012, 22:26 Quote
Where can you get the LED flexi chains? (the ones with rubber boots things).
SuicideNeil 3rd February 2012, 19:18 Quote
Originally Posted by Cerberus90
Where can you get the LED flexi chains? (the ones with rubber boots things).

Ebay > 'led strips' =

Not hard to find at all.... ;)
Waynio 3rd February 2012, 21:27 Quote
Is this bit-tech bringing back some of what many missed of old bit-tech which I wasn't around to see?. :D

If it is which I think it is combined with all the rest of what bit-tech brings tech news/previews/reviews/gaming then things are looking saaaweeeeeet as I had a feeling they would be. :D

Just don't go mistreating the awesome staff you have whoever runs things. :D They all rock & keep things running awesome.
phenoptix 4th February 2012, 23:21 Quote
Thanks so much for the mention Antony! We've also added some connectors so you don't have to do so much soldering! Great article!!
Pirra 5th February 2012, 20:36 Quote
Nice Article Bit-tech.

I really like your guide like this one. Keep goin' with this.

andy_mcp1 5th February 2012, 20:38 Quote
LED strips are great and cheap, but I personly would opt for EL Tape/sheets - provides a more uniform means of lighting, plus looks a bit more techy than LEDs (see link for e.g. app on a PC case )
jon 6th February 2012, 20:55 Quote
Originally Posted by Tichinde
I'll be honest, having a bedroom based PC i tend to try and make my case darker :)

Would love to have a lightly modded up case though with some extra low lighting though.....

UV lighting. It's subtle, and won't glare through the room when you're sleeping.

Also, mount a switch to the side of your case that runs between the power source and the light, and it's easy enough to kill any light source you install.
PingCrosby 8th February 2012, 11:50 Quote
Hey chaps (and chapesses), don't only be restricted to illuminating your cases, you should see what I've done to an old pair of Y-Fronts I found in our lasses drawers. Hang on a minute.......
PaulInGermany 21st February 2012, 02:38 Quote
Here's a ighting mod I made in a HAF 932 case. It's subtle and easily defeated by tuning the internal software volume down a bit. Uses a direct audio connection, not those electret-mic based sound modules.

It's comprised of two main mods: glow under the motherboard and a hardware-hacked TB Apollish 140mm.
PaulInGermany 21st February 2012, 02:48 Quote
Originally Posted by longweight
That only works if you have an etching on the plexiglass, it will look good if you do!

That's not entirely true. The acrylic will need some soft of surface disruption for it to emit electons, but it can be as simple as roughing the surface lightly with sandpaper. Otherwise, you'll get a very sharp edge of light at the exterior edge of the acrylic, which is itself a very nice effect.

An edge-lit acrylic mod in a HAF 932 case with lightly sanded edges:
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