Project Log Feature: GwassGween by Cheapskate

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phinix 4th July 2014, 09:07 Quote
First ! :D Well... second, right after Antony..;)

Again, awesome build, man!
Love your acrylic work, design, precision, everything thought through. It took some time to see the result but was worth every second:)
bigc90210 4th July 2014, 09:30 Quote
absolutely brilliant this, love it. I WISH there was a decent res that was commercially available that looked like that. W/C manufacturers take note!
Maki role 4th July 2014, 09:39 Quote
Aah we don't have enough of these project log features anymore. When I first started browsing Bit-Tech (2007 or so?) these logs were my bread and butter. I tried looking through the threads themselves, but I didn't know anybody here, nor did I know a thing about computers. Add to that the threads were often 10-60 pages long and I naturally couldn't get through them. These on the other hand, were brilliant. Lots of progress and final shots along with a clear and concise description of the events by the modder themselves. They'll forever be my little piece of nostalgia now, so it makes me excited every time a new one gets posted up.

I've loved this project ever since I first started following it, something about it just seems so wholesome, a true labour of love.
Dave Lister 4th July 2014, 10:05 Quote
That is a work of art ! some serious skill and patience involved here.
Cheapskate 4th July 2014, 16:13 Quote
Thanks!:D This just made my morning.
sixfootsideburns 6th July 2014, 14:21 Quote
Originally Posted by Cheapskate
Thanks!:D This just made my morning.

The first time I read this I read it as "Thanks! :D I just made it this morning." and had a good laugh.

Turns out I'm the goose...
RedFlames 6th July 2014, 14:32 Quote
Project lof feature: GwassGween by Cheapskate

Wtf is a 'lof'?... is it the ******* child of 'log' and 'lol'?
GeneralFun 7th July 2014, 19:58 Quote
So yeah, I'm new but have lurked here for years? I feel like Cheaps is a long time friend of mine I never met. Sure the build time was excessive? But from watch the build log I never assumed it would turn out as clean looking as it did. The multitude of parts would seem impossible to assemble in such a pleasing end product but like the conductor of an orchestra, Cheaps pulled them all together to make some sweet music. Good job Cheaps!
perplekks45 15th July 2014, 11:59 Quote
Still awesome.

Still slow as a mother...

Still dumbstruck you actually finished this thing.

Still most impressed by both the man and the machine.

Brilliant work, Cheaps! No blame this time. ;)
Cheapskate 16th July 2014, 17:11 Quote
Thanks. :D
@General -Orchestrated chaos sounds about right.
@Perplekks -Ugg! I forgot about my cult.
perplekks45 21st July 2014, 08:06 Quote
We are still here. Don't worry. ;)
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