Omega Desk by Daniel Fessler (Squigly)

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Snips 21st February 2013, 08:48 Quote
That is a thing of beauty
bigc90210 21st February 2013, 08:53 Quote
amazing work, love this build, some serious modding skill in that build!
sotu1 21st February 2013, 09:31 Quote
That is just sexy. I want one.
lacuna 21st February 2013, 09:47 Quote
Excellent work. I'm not sure about mounting the HDD's at an angle though; surely that will incur increased wear on the bearings.
EvilRusk 21st February 2013, 10:31 Quote
Originally Posted by lacuna
Excellent work. I'm not sure about mounting the HDD's at an angle though; surely that will incur increased wear on the bearings.

The angled drives are SSDs (see the log here )

There are separate bays for the mechanical drives.

This thing makes my IKEA Giant-plank-desk look pretty basic about now...
Blackshark 21st February 2013, 11:41 Quote
Fantastic job, British Gas engineers would be proud if their pipes were bent as well as you managed! If I still worked for them I would have submitted some of your pictures as training material!
Panos 21st February 2013, 12:54 Quote
Originally Posted by lacuna

This thing makes my IKEA Giant-plank-desk look pretty basic about now...

I know exactly what you mean. Have the same one.

Seems the guy gave me an inspiration now to make something cool for the office room. :)
SchizoFrog 21st February 2013, 13:41 Quote
I would like to see more images of the full unit, the two there are don't make it look that great as the angles aren't the best...
RTech 21st February 2013, 14:23 Quote
Simple beautiful!
SirFur 22nd February 2013, 02:24 Quote
Lot of dedication into that thing....must have taken a good looks awesome though! :D

If I could spend that much time into something I need to do I could do amazing things lol! :D

PS. Was it quite costly to make?....all that work seems like a good few tools and materials needed.
Squigly 22nd February 2013, 07:27 Quote
Thanks all, truly appreciated! :-)

To respond to a few of the comments, yup it took a fair bit of time to complete, 9 months actually but that was only working on Saturdays with a few bank holidays thrown in here and there, it was a fairly pricey build the desk excluding any water cooling or actual components was a little over $700, the components of course bump that up a fair bit.

On the drive angle, thats one that has come up time and time again and everyone has a different opinion on it, I have actually change the drive orientation for the mechanical drives, the photo's don't really show the new layout that well, will try and get more photo's up soon.

While on the photo's I am no photographer but will try get some better pics up in the log, alas since writing this article I was visited by gremlins and one of the GPU's went faulty, currently waiting on a replacement so once that's in I will be sure to stick up a few more photy's
Waynio 22nd February 2013, 13:18 Quote
$700 & the minimal time you could work on it & big effort is really good for such a nice desk & the result of just a day each week over 9 months is brilliant.

It's the price of everything these creations get filled with that make the eyes water when you add it all up lol. :D

I'm not sure which desk case I like the most ya know, they are all awesome for their own individual features, this one I love the curves nice detailing & using the leg for the giant rad mount along with the awesome pipe work & the monitor mount is badass, you sure didn't chicken out on the challenge of this design & pulled it off awesome, nice one. :)

Nice to see this on front page, awesome one to show. :D
The_Crapman 4th March 2013, 10:56 Quote
I was fortunately enough to find and follow this build from the beginning, but even so the final outcome left me astonished. A truly amazing project.

It was also astonishing how many horses heads in the glass supplier's bed it took for them to deliver the top. Fortunately I know a guy who knows a guy who could dispose of the rest of the horse for me. Wonder what he did with them....
l3p 16th April 2013, 16:41 Quote
I hope you don't mind adding yours to my desk-database Squigly?
One of the best builds I've seen!
Squigly 22nd April 2013, 18:43 Quote
^ But of course bud, would be honored to have it there :-) have always said yours was the inspiration!!
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