Mass Effect 3 - NZXT Switch 810 Build by mybadomen

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guvnar 11th September 2012, 10:24 Quote
Good grief that's amazing!
Griffter 11th September 2012, 12:19 Quote
good grief indeed!
BlackRaven 11th September 2012, 16:28 Quote
That is very very good. There are not that many people that can see the case come together just in their heads. Good work.
oliverr97 11th September 2012, 19:49 Quote
Well i have to say, that is amazing.
VaLkyR-Assassin 11th September 2012, 21:59 Quote
That is absolutely awesome! :D
kosch 11th September 2012, 22:40 Quote
That is amazing, awesome work. I posted it to the official ME group on FB as they often highlight amazing user crafted items!

Where did you get the ME assault rifle from?
Jipa 12th September 2012, 16:16 Quote
Nice worksmanship all round, but really no unique ideas :(
Waynio 12th September 2012, 19:37 Quote
Really knows how to do a themed case mod nice & congrats on the front page article mybadomen.
mybadomen 16th September 2012, 15:29 Quote
Incredible Job on the article Bit -Tech very impressive !!! Also thank you guys so much for supporting my work and commenting on the article.

And to answer the Assault Rifle Question it was made by a Kid named DaFrontlineTrooper (Andrew Cook) you can find him on YouTube hes amazing at making Film Props he made it and shipped it from New Zealand as he was so awesome when i told him about the project he offered to be part of it by making the gun and a Video of it also.

Thanks again Guys,

AndusRo 17th September 2012, 07:52 Quote
The last picture on page 7 (the one with all the logo's etc.) Is that a fly on the case near the front??

Amazing build though. First class!
mybadomen 18th September 2012, 05:45 Quote
Yeah AndusRo that's a Reaper fly sent down to spy on us ..Lol Seriously yeah the Photo you are referring to was taken at camp and a fly landed on the case.I thought it was cool and used the Photo anyway.
SoundGuy 23rd September 2012, 07:37 Quote
That is an incredible build!! The pics are amazing and make me want one of those on my desk. Keep up the excellent work :-)
mybadomen 24th September 2012, 01:13 Quote
Jipa ,please take a look at the build log as this build is very Unique in many different areas. As there is not much at all thats not Modded.Plus you did notice the coolants flows up and through the roof of the build on display? Red on one side White on the other.

I think if you look over the build log you will have a better appreciation for the build.

Thank you for the reply though.
Hrodwulf666 6th October 2012, 09:56 Quote
Just Incredible... The Normandy model and the window design make it a bit cheesy though. Would have been perfect without those details IMO.
mybadomen 17th January 2013, 04:08 Quote
The Mod request i received was to make a Mass Effect 3 Theme NZXT Switch 810 but 1 thing they also requested was to Incorporate the Normandy into the build somewhere and i wanted the build based off the N7 Armor so i did the best i could at combining the 2 and kinda thought the Normandy ship mounted to the reservoir kinda looked like the Space Shuttle ready for launch so i mounted it that way which making the Reservoir Mounts from scratch was a feat in itself. I basically did the best i could by following guidelines i had to meet as well. I try to please everyone the best i can but we all have different opinions and i realize that and try to always include the community in the decision i make with my mods. Thank you for the honesty and all comments good or bad are very helpful. Also Thanks to everyone that supported my build and get me into the Mod of the Year Contest and although i didnt win i am still Honored to have made it that far.

Your Friend.
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