Mod Gods - The Best PC Mods Ever Part 1

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Waynio 26th April 2012, 19:34 Quote
Fail part 1 means there are more parts to come. :)
yougotkicked 26th April 2012, 19:55 Quote
while the mod its self isn't ground breaking, I think the ongoing "Support John Hanlon" project is probably the best motivated mod of all time.
Starfighter 26th April 2012, 21:40 Quote
I know this is only part one, but I cannae believe Orac³ didn't get mentioned!
Zorndar 26th April 2012, 23:53 Quote
I wish to have the Orac³ in the next one, it was what got me to BiTech and is still one of my favourits.
Yemerich 27th April 2012, 05:24 Quote
+1 for Orac3 and WMD

Some of the cases by Benny

Campus Party Brazil 2012 Winner

Casemod "Caveirão" (by Maciel Barreto) winner of the Campus Party Brazil 2008

The last one I saw with my own eyes and I am a HUGE fan of this case in particular.
Pookeyhead 27th April 2012, 08:05 Quote
Orac 3 and Darkblade are still the best mods I've ever seen.
Brett89 27th April 2012, 13:30 Quote
I lurked on BT for a bit before joining up, and these projects, Dark Blade to be specific, was the kind of project that kept me coming back here. Thanks for bringing them back to the front page because they well and truly do deserve it.
spacehopper 27th April 2012, 14:27 Quote
and nothing by Mashie either..!!
Adis 30th April 2012, 08:03 Quote
+100 Orac3
_ferry_ 30th April 2012, 08:51 Quote

Well, if you get the forum arranged on page views you can figure out quite easily which are the best ones... on bit-tech, the title states `the best mods ever` but that should include casemods all over the WWW ;)
logonui 1st May 2012, 10:27 Quote
+1 for Hypercube!

AzTtec should be on the list as well. Amazing!
cobalt6700 4th May 2012, 22:41 Quote
BaDassumption - I watched dutch build this when WizD was alive. Awesome build, and some serious attention to detail.

NeXXo is one of the originals, along with rich and Scopedog from WizD. Metaversa is a wicked project and along with Framestar Node needs to be on here too :)
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