AzTtec by dmcgrath

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Jack_Pepsi 28th March 2012, 09:19 Quote
Now that is a case mod - kudos!
Blade_Reaver 28th March 2012, 09:27 Quote
This has got to be one of the best mod's i've ever seen!
matee 28th March 2012, 09:28 Quote
Wow such detailed work. Amazing!
Its only missing a small waterfall haha
Parge 28th March 2012, 09:44 Quote
Seriously amazing work. I'd love to see it up close and admire it all in detail.
PureSilver 28th March 2012, 09:48 Quote
Originally Posted by matee
Wow such detailed work. Amazing!
Its only missing a small waterfall haha

That is exactly what I thought! Amazing work.
cjmUK 28th March 2012, 10:02 Quote
Originally Posted by matee

Its only missing a small waterfall haha

That would be interesting... water-cooling with an external waterfall as part for the loop... lol
Shayper09 28th March 2012, 10:27 Quote
Tyrmot 28th March 2012, 10:32 Quote
lp1988 28th March 2012, 10:59 Quote
Incredible piece of work, well done
bigc90210 28th March 2012, 11:01 Quote
Great job, some serious carving skills in there, not to mention patience!
Huxen5 28th March 2012, 11:45 Quote
dmcgrath has made something genuinely unique and interesting. Absolutely first rate work!
stupido 28th March 2012, 11:58 Quote
woahhh... :O

sorry for the above, I dropped my jaws and had to pick it up...

extremely nice mod! [thumbs up] (all 4 of them)
chemo 28th March 2012, 12:19 Quote
absolutely amazing! good job
mute1 28th March 2012, 12:26 Quote
My new favourite mod, I think. I especially like the vines and moss stuff.
Maybe I could try a Greco-Roman mod in the same vein, but it'd be pretty crud I think :/
true_gamer 28th March 2012, 12:29 Quote
WOW! I would not have the time, nor the dedication to do such a good job. Well done!
devilxc 28th March 2012, 13:10 Quote
Great work, you can't even tell its a level 10.
ChaosDefinesOrder 28th March 2012, 13:41 Quote
unholy crap; that's incredible! Fantastic effect and mind-blowing detail on the carving!
McDuff32 28th March 2012, 14:02 Quote
Steelez 28th March 2012, 15:12 Quote
Mind = blown. Absolutely amazing work, best mod I've seen in quite some time.
John_T 28th March 2012, 16:24 Quote
Just want to add to the general chorus of "bloody hell that's amazing", because that is amazing!
DwarfKiller 28th March 2012, 17:37 Quote
Nothing I can say would justify how incredible the work is. I'm gobsmacked..
Sleepstreamer 28th March 2012, 18:10 Quote
Awesome, awesome mod. It's been a long time since I saw a build this good.
urobulos 28th March 2012, 18:16 Quote
I'm going to make a more meaningful comment late, once I stop hyperventilating
Eiffie 28th March 2012, 19:14 Quote
+1 for the waterfall idea. A liquid cooling setup with one in the loop would be fantastic to this already amazing build.
mucgoo 28th March 2012, 19:34 Quote
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