Cray-1 by Daryl Brach

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NuTech 28th July 2010, 08:36 Quote
A gorgeous homage. The synthetic leather detailing really made the case IMO.
Fabou 28th July 2010, 09:28 Quote
The case is gorgeous and brilliant. The painting on the wood is really clean, so are the cut.
Lizard 28th July 2010, 10:04 Quote
Fantastic work Daryl - a truly inspirational reproduction of a classic ;)
The_Beast 28th July 2010, 10:09 Quote
Not exactly space saving but cool none the less
enikmaster 28th July 2010, 10:23 Quote
nice work but horrible design and not the best finishing. not impressed. bit-tech has already posted some awesome woodwork far mores impressive than this.
Jampotp 28th July 2010, 10:57 Quote
Originally Posted by enikmaster
nice work but horrible design and not the best finishing. not impressed. bit-tech has already posted some awesome woodwork far mores impressive than this.

Clearly, this case is not built to show off awesome woodwork skills, as some cases are, but instead as an inspiring concept case designed to be a memorial to the Cray 1. The cray super computer was not made of wood (or if it was, it wasn't made to look 'woodish'), so as long as the case is strong, there is no point making the case out of solid teak with hundreds of dovetail joints and other complex joints... before covering the whole thing with a material to model the cray.

Anyway, great work Daryl
perplekks45 28th July 2010, 13:22 Quote
Originally Posted by enikmaster
...horrible design...
Go complain to Seymour Cray if you don't like it.
Ignorance is bliss, they say...

Brilliant work, Pfaffen! ;)
GravitySmacked 28th July 2010, 13:24 Quote
Looks amazing, fantastic build quality!
SlickGnome 28th July 2010, 13:59 Quote
Amazing build!
PQuiff 28th July 2010, 14:53 Quote
Love the upholstery.

Im waiting for the next gen Fluorinert cooling upgrade.

Good job.
jamesthebard 28th July 2010, 15:07 Quote
Love the build (gotta agree with PQuiff on the upholstery). Captured the Cray perfectly.
AnG3L 28th July 2010, 15:28 Quote
Amazing and unique build! Mod on!
Redbeaver 28th July 2010, 19:53 Quote
if there's no such thing as CRAY-1 and u did that completely out of ur own personal design... i'd say great job! love the leather upholstery and unique "tube" design. Could be slightly bigger tho with a bit sturdier support as it can handle as a real living room center piece! :)

BUT since its made in remembrance of CRAY-1, then... dude... awesome job. Awesome, awesome job.
MorpheusUK 29th July 2010, 07:34 Quote
I can't believe some peoples comments. This is another great project and a nice homage to the iconic CRAY-1
This dude's wood work skills shouldn't even be questioned, did you even bother checking his other works, or just look at these pictures?, check out the links to (World Map, Canary Mesa, Fibonacci, Vogel Haus, and the four Hokusai cases).

Very well done, loving the "leather" finish, that just pimps it.
PopcornMachine 29th July 2010, 17:12 Quote
I used to work on a CRAY like that. Bet your little one is a lot more

Very nicely done. Good work.
Apocalypso 30th July 2010, 11:58 Quote
That's so flipping cool.
Hazmat 31st July 2010, 16:04 Quote
Awesome work, the painting of the "wires" was excellent, and the project turned out beautiful!!

I'm surprised at the comments by eunuchmaster, I would question what he considers to be good work.
Nanosec 2nd August 2010, 19:25 Quote
Truly Inspiring....makes me want to built a custom case to honor one of the other 'original' computers like the TX-0 or a PDP-1 complete with tape reader.......well if I had your skills anyway. Awesome work, and a Great way to pay respect to the original supercomputer.

have you compared your scale models processing power to that of a CRAY-1?
Pfaffen 2nd August 2010, 22:34 Quote
Here is some information to compare the two:

The Jun 1979 Popular Science Magazine reported the Cray-1 Supercomputer cruises at 80 million operations per second. With overlap calculations approaching 140 MFLOPS and burst calculations at 250 MFLOPS.

Based on Intel's numbers
( the i7 975 2.66GHz runs 42.5 GFLOPS and the i7 975 3.46GHz runs 55.36 GFLOPS.


80 MFLOPS vs 42,500 MFLOPS or 55,360 MFLOPS depending on your processor.
[- pio -] 3rd August 2010, 19:25 Quote
And on Engadget! 2nd Bit-Tech mod to be featured there the last couple of weeks :D
fast_muon 30th September 2010, 21:25 Quote
Nice build!

We have a real Cray-1 used as a couch on campus, put there by Cray research a bunch of years ago, and it's a lot more interesting design than a regular 19" rack cabinet at least =)
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