Cygnus X1 by Attila Lukacs

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Attila 15th December 2009, 07:07 Quote
WOW! Thank you all very much for the wonderful comments.
I'm not sure if this is the place to post pics, but I'm sure some of you are interested in
how CX1 holds up under everyday use. It's been running 24/7 since the 28th of November
and both my wife and I have been using it for our everyday computing. We love it. :)

The Quad core has a mild overclock to 3Ghz and it runs reasonable temps. ;)
bridgesentry 15th December 2009, 07:46 Quote
It's perfectly suited to sit on that nice desk:D
I want to take back my words. It's not like a wardrobe at all:o
WinMacLin 15th December 2009, 10:05 Quote
This is the best case I've ever seen. I'd pay a lot money for a case of this quality and design. Every part was crafted perfectly. Congratulations.
Hiren 15th December 2009, 11:09 Quote
Amazing mod, any chance of some pictures showing all the hardware installed?
death_munky 15th December 2009, 11:09 Quote
I've absolutley loved following this case over the past year and look forward to casting my MOTY vote
good luck oldnewby with the next project which i'm highly anticipating
-Acid- 15th December 2009, 11:24 Quote
Stunning !!!!
[USRF]Obiwan 15th December 2009, 13:36 Quote
Such a wonderful mod and then it is used as a kitchen pc ... Crazy!

WoutZoR 15th December 2009, 14:40 Quote
WOW! Gorgeous work, love it. Mad skillz.

Would nominate this mod as mod of the year!!
bahgger 15th December 2009, 18:47 Quote
Beautiful stuff! I love the combination of strong industrial lines within the case paired with the smooth curves of the exterior wood finish :) FYI, this has been posted on Engadget!
Tyrmot 16th December 2009, 00:05 Quote
Just ridiculously good, I applaud you sir.
Bubblewrap 16th December 2009, 05:03 Quote
This has got to be true Craftsmanship at it's best!
I have seen several diff mods but none with such elegance.
motas 16th December 2009, 13:43 Quote
Wow great mod. I think I liked it without the wood and just the aluminium though, not a big fan of wood. Great job on it though congrats.
Htr-Labs 16th December 2009, 23:16 Quote
The boy 4rm oz 17th December 2009, 00:21 Quote
"Mother of God" indeed :D.
badje 19th December 2009, 10:38 Quote
Beautiful, I read your whole log once again. Can't get enough of it. Nice yob.
M.Ø.J 19th December 2009, 13:12 Quote
Most builds where wood is included doesnt impress me much since im educated as a furniture builder.
But DAMN, your build is awesome! Surface finish seems to be very nice done which is hard to do.
And the way it looks like one of those spitting b*tch*s from jurassic park makes it fearsome looking and totally beautiful at the same time.
Thougt i wouldnt be drewling again until i reached the age of 80 - 90.
Kepp working on those skills, your an artist !
DOA Draven 19th December 2009, 21:03 Quote
Just Stunning
Ediejo 20th December 2009, 09:48 Quote
Mod of the year 2009!
ambrose 21st December 2009, 01:41 Quote
the moment i saw that round chisel hitting the timber was when my jaw flopped open, and it didn't close till i looked away from those final pics. OMG i seriously welled up just looking at that. not even joking. best mod iv ever seen *bows down*
HerefordElite 22nd December 2009, 02:42 Quote
Very talented man (1st ever post, i''ve joined up just to shout about how good this creation is!)

I've only ever seen mods to exhisting cases but this is a custom built from scratch work of art, amazing.
dwillis 27th December 2009, 05:59 Quote
hilbert70 29th December 2009, 10:58 Quote
Mod of the year (possibly decade ;-) )
Nanosec 7th January 2010, 22:05 Quote
I believe the word im looking for is 'Thunderstruck' what an amazing example of fine craftsmanship, as well as the sincerity to humbly admit the mistakes made along the way, and recover from them with a truly EPIC case. Mod ON !!
ramonvitorqo 9th January 2010, 17:11 Quote
Hello friend, I'm from Brazil and monitored throughout the project, I have a question, as you did this piece image link assembly: - by -attila-lukacs-oldnewby/pic-207.jpg
I would like to explain step-by-step how this piece was made in particular.Parabéns the project very well done.
Attila 10th January 2010, 05:35 Quote
Thank you all for the comments.;)

Hey ramonvitorqo and welcome to Bit-tech. :)
The photo you describe is of the front panel lifting assembly. This is made from 3mm plate,
two telescoping pieces of "U" channel and some brass spacers and nylon washers. A much
more thorough description is given in the project log on this page.
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