Lumière Noire by E.E.L. Ambiense

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stonedsurd 7th September 2009, 10:29 Quote
Awesome read. That's a great case.
The boy 4rm oz 7th September 2009, 10:37 Quote
E.E.L you are a god mate, a truly awesome piece of work, one of my all time favorites ;).
zr_ox 7th September 2009, 10:43 Quote
I love these kinds of mods, outstanding work!
Matticus 7th September 2009, 11:04 Quote
Am I the only one who finds it hard to keep up with E.E.L. Ambiense, he seems to have about 30 amazing cases all on the go at once.
maRiio 7th September 2009, 13:31 Quote
excellent... simply excellent... nothing more to say...
mclintox 7th September 2009, 13:42 Quote
I wish i had the time,patience and most of all,resources to do a project like this.Admit it,these guys mods are head and shoulders above the rest of us,Kudos to them all.
mnpctech 7th September 2009, 13:59 Quote
Awesome job as always E.E.L!
Jipa 7th September 2009, 14:47 Quote
Looks great, but do I really see a number of 40 mm fans :O Didn't know those things still existed ^^
subset7 7th September 2009, 16:59 Quote
Awesome work,one of my favourite builds.
Cheapskate 7th September 2009, 17:10 Quote
Awesome case dude.;) I never thought someone would thank me for trolling them. -Which reminds me... when can we expect another Japanese garbage truck?
silverzombie342 7th September 2009, 19:02 Quote
=O I'm speechless... It is so beatiful.. No words can describe it. It is really beatiful. =)
Locknload 7th September 2009, 20:59 Quote
Ah Man!... Ambiense that is superb case m8.
I prefer looking at that too looking at myself naked, its really filthy.
Well done, fantastic build.
Irvine 7th September 2009, 21:10 Quote
Beautiful. Really love the motherboard shroud, it helps so much with the looks.
Kovoet 7th September 2009, 21:56 Quote
Thats not a case or PC as that is a piece of art. It's very well thought out and planned. SIMPLY AWESOME
SuperTroye 7th September 2009, 22:19 Quote
That's one for the ages Jeremy! You are a man amongst boys with your thought process and creativity.
E.E.L. Ambiense 7th September 2009, 23:14 Quote
Originally Posted by Tim S
Lumière Noire is now complete and E.L.L Ambiense....

Who is this impostor, and how dare he take the reigns!? :)

Seriously, thank you kindly, everyone. You're all very kind. Thanks to Richard (Bindi) and Antony for the infinite patience in getting it up, and of course, Tim. Granted, only four months behind, but at least it's finally up, right? :D :p ...and just in time for a new build!

Apparently, I hadn't shot any overall shots of her in the original photo session back in March (because I'm an idiot), so I had to recently shoot additional pics and she'd been sitting on my desk at home for a few months now and had quite a fine sheen of dust caked on everywhere. So I guess it was a blessing in disguise to get me to do some cleaning/maintenance for the pics.

Again, thank you everyone. It's a pleasure. And thanks for the wakeup call, Bill, to let me know it was finally up!
craigbru 8th September 2009, 20:08 Quote
You know Jeremy, I'm glad to see this beauty hit bit-tech's front page. You are deserving of the recognition in every way. Congrats!

Which brings me to this little story... A short while ago in your outstanding Checkmate worklog, I mentioned that you were like the Susan Lucci of modding... Always outstanding work, yet never getting the MotM wins you likely deserved. Well, fast forward to this morning. I open up my browser, and was happily greeted by Lumière. In my vicarious excitement I mentioned it to my wife as she passed by. (Now, I always suspected she only listened to my mod related ramblings half-intently, and this confirms it...) She said, "Oh, that guy you said was like Helen Keller?" Uh... I'll admit that I laughed till I cried. Then I thought of 'Building Better Worlds', and laughed even harder. ;-)

Lol, in all seriousness though, great job. I'll be looking forward to seeing Checkmate up here as well!
E.E.L. Ambiense 8th September 2009, 21:17 Quote
Thanks a million, Craig. It means a lot, man. :)

I mentioned that very thing about you coining me the 'Susan Lucci' of modding to the writer, Antony, in an email. LOL. That's funny to bring it up again! Granted, it wasn't as funny as the Helen Keller line here. That s**t was funny. Dude, I did the classic movie-move of spitting water out. :)

Be sure to thank your wife for me for needing a new work keyboard now with that little gem! :D

I appreciate all the kind words, everyone. Sincerely. And be sure to keep your eyes peeled! ;)
craigbru 8th September 2009, 21:34 Quote
Anytime Jeremy, anytime. ;)

I almost could have lost a keyboard myself. Normally I'll sit down at the computer every morning with a big glass of orange juice, but was running behind, and didn't get one today. Close call!
woody_294 21st September 2009, 19:49 Quote
Wow again! I seem to do that a lot on your mods :P

That mobo cover is an amazing idea. Whole thigs looks pretty damn fantastic too!
E.E.L. Ambiense 22nd September 2009, 13:52 Quote
Thanks, mate!
E.E.L. Ambiense 23rd November 2009, 19:39 Quote
Just a quick bump saying thanks for the kind words I've gotten off the grid from some of you as well as the traditional posts, etc. It's sincerely appreciated.

I just got word that Lumière Noire was announced as a finalist in Intel's Core Challenge. It's an honor being among all the other esteemed mods/modders!

Check out the contest here. Register and vote for the project that catches your eye, whether it's mine or someone else's!
_Metal_Guitar_ 26th February 2010, 23:58 Quote
That is a truly beautiful case. Wow.
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