Rampage by Sleepstreamer

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rowin4kicks 24th August 2009, 10:41 Quote
oasked 24th August 2009, 10:45 Quote
Finally, a mod on the front page of Bit-Tech! Its certainly been a while.

Great work, I love the design. :)
Mankz 24th August 2009, 10:49 Quote
Just awesome dude...

I love details of the back panel.
poldo 24th August 2009, 11:08 Quote
awesome work! i am amazed...
stonedsurd 24th August 2009, 11:38 Quote
Amazing stuff
alpaca 24th August 2009, 11:39 Quote
really like the HDD cooling idea... fantastic mod
Sparrowhawk 24th August 2009, 11:48 Quote
I can't say corporate bling was ever something I liked, but this mod is very well thought out and built. Good job!
Jipa 24th August 2009, 11:56 Quote
That looks like an awful lot of thick aluminum, how much does it weight? I saw the actual case at Assembly, and it sure looks nice. Though I think I still personally prefer the simpler design of the Division cases also seen over there...
japala 24th August 2009, 11:58 Quote
The case was visible at the Asus stand at the Assembly Summer '09:

Link to the article about the event and our live modding there:
docodine 24th August 2009, 12:03 Quote
IMO it could definitely use some sort of handle on top, it looks pretty LAN totable. How much does it weigh?

Front panel is astoundingly cool, great work! ;)
Sleepstreamer 24th August 2009, 12:18 Quote
Thanks for the feedback :) Not sure about the weight of the thing, but it's not as heavy as some of you seem to think, I did not have any issues moving it around at home at least.

Secondly, yes, the design is somewhat impractical, but the case is made to show off the components inside, not to be used as an everyday case.
perplekks45 24th August 2009, 12:22 Quote
I didn't want to read the article because my jaw still hurts from reading through the project logs.

'nuff sed.
tranc3 24th August 2009, 12:43 Quote
Glade to see theirs still plenty of action around the micro atx systems, Love this case, the colors and design are spot on!
mclintox 24th August 2009, 12:45 Quote
With access to the right tools and workanship of outstanding quality,you could be making a business out of custom cases.Brilliant!
HaoKi 24th August 2009, 12:52 Quote
It looked pretty damn nice in real life... Don't quite agree on it being tiny though ;D
logan'srun 24th August 2009, 13:15 Quote
Originally Posted by mclintox
With access to the right tools and workanship of outstanding quality,you could be making a business out of custom cases.Brilliant!

yeah, that was kinda my thought too, like hmm I wonder what that would cost to get something like that. . . . just little bigger for WC!!!

@Sleepstreamer - How are the acoustics on that case?
El Rando 24th August 2009, 13:17 Quote
I like!!!!! I like alot!!!!
oatey4519 24th August 2009, 13:22 Quote
that is one great looking peice of kit..
awesome job!
aglaser 24th August 2009, 14:07 Quote
Very clean, professional work there. The mod looks fantastic with one (imho) exception: the writing on the HDDs. If I were you, I would have flipped them over, so that all you can see is the sexy VelociRaptor heatsink, instead of the white sticker that completely throws off that whole side of the case.
Scirocco 24th August 2009, 14:13 Quote
Wonderful scratch build! I'm sure ASUS was quite pleased with it. Thanks for sharing the process with us as well.
Pelihirmu 24th August 2009, 15:44 Quote
A case of my draems :P WOW :D
p3n 24th August 2009, 15:47 Quote
About time someone put HDD's in a logical place like that :)
DraigUK 24th August 2009, 16:22 Quote
Simply fking awsome!
Skiddywinks 24th August 2009, 17:03 Quote
Seriously; what would it take to get you to design and build a custom case for me? Sexual favours? Money? Gold dust? Kittens? Beer?
DragunovHUN 24th August 2009, 21:12 Quote
Pretty good for a scratch build.
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