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  • Project Synapse

    Project Synapse

    Modding | 21st Sep 2004 7
    When VIA asked us to produce a case mod for ECTS 2004, we jumped at the chance. Using Polygfx...
  • The 9GHz Rendiathon

    The 9GHz Rendiathon

    Modding | 21st Aug 2004
    What happens when you take 5 machines, house them in a custom aluminium housing and network them...
  • The Hummer PC

    The Hummer PC

    Modding | 20th Aug 2004
    Ever seen a PC modded into a fully functional radio-controlled Hummer? This mini ATX mod brings a...
  • Vietcong: Fist Alpha Caseskin

    Vietcong: Fist Alpha Caseskin

    Modding | 9th Jul 2004 14
    To celebrate the release of Vietcong: Fist Alpha, Take 2 Interactive asked us to produce two...
  • PSOne LCD in a PC

    PSOne LCD in a PC

    Modding | 7th Jul 2004 1107
    This guide will tell you all you need to know about modding a humble PSOne LCD into a 5 inch...
  • Orac³ Part 5

    Orac³ Part 5

    Modding | 9th Jun 2004 250
    The final installment in the Orac³ modyssey...
  • Cinemedia PC

    Cinemedia PC

    Modding | 27th May 2004
    Cinemedia PC is Chris Newman's latest Home Theatre PC case mod, pushing his skills to the very limit
  • Blackmesa HL²

    Blackmesa HL²

    Modding | 25th May 2004 1287
    Half Life 2 is one of the most anticipated games thus far in the 21st century, but we still await...
  • Dark Crystal

    Dark Crystal

    Modding | 4th May 2004 30
    PilouX, a respected forum member, takes you on a journey through the creation of his DarkCrystal...
  • Antec patently upset

    Antec patently upset

    Modding | 10th Apr 2004 27
    When is an LED fan not an LED fan? Antec claims they were the first to invent the idea but the...
  • PolyGFX CaseSkin

    PolyGFX CaseSkin

    Modding | 6th Feb 2004 16
    Want to funk up your case but lack the required airbrush skills? The Polygfx CaseSkin lets your...
  • Meet the Dremel

    Meet the Dremel

    Modding | 23rd Dec 2003
    Rotary power tools, are the weapon of choice for most modders. And most choose a Dremel Multipro
  • Orac³ Part 4

    Orac³ Part 4

    Modding | 7th Dec 2003 100
    More shiny, happy, modding madness as the Orac³ project continues...
  • Orac³ Part 3

    Orac³ Part 3

    Modding | 7th Dec 2003 24
    Climbing a modding mountain - The Orac³ project continues...
  • PolyGFX Ratpad Skin

    PolyGFX Ratpad Skin

    Modding | 28th Nov 2003
    Is your mousing surface starting to feel the pain? Or do you just fancy something a little...

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