bit-tech Hires davido_labido as Full-Time Modder

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Hustler 11th January 2017, 15:14 Quote
Respected Modder caught in GPU threesome Shocker, Photo's inside!!

...Thankfully they weren't Golden(shower) sample editions.
Hukkel 11th January 2017, 15:30 Quote
Congrats Dave! Full-time modder, dreamjob right there!
Nitrix 11th January 2017, 15:44 Quote
Never heard of him...

l3p 11th January 2017, 15:53 Quote
Congrats buddy!
HackJoe 11th January 2017, 16:26 Quote
Dave you lucky get, finally made it out of Stoke.. :p Good job buddy.

Cheapskate 11th January 2017, 17:01 Quote
They are paying him in coffee mugs and T-shirts...

Congrats, man. :D
bigc90210 11th January 2017, 17:15 Quote
brilliant news, look forward to reading his content and especially his tutorials :D
perplekks45 12th January 2017, 08:44 Quote
Given it was Orac3 back in '03 which brought me here in the first place I am very happy to see BT still going strong in the modding department. ;)
imersa 12th January 2017, 13:33 Quote
Congrats mate. Team at Parvum made you this :D
davido_labido 12th January 2017, 13:48 Quote
Originally Posted by imersa
Congrats mate. Team at Parvum made you this :D


haha, cheers man! Where have you disappeared to anyway!? Miss you <3
Tattysnuc 16th January 2017, 08:52 Quote
Many congrats Dave - looking forward to seeing even more content from you :)

Is this a Bit-Tech only link-up or will this also filter across into CPC?
Gareth Halfacree 16th January 2017, 09:15 Quote
Originally Posted by Tattysnuc
Is this a Bit-Tech only link-up or will this also filter across into CPC?
There's no link between the two any more - bar a few of us working for both. Different owners, different editor.
colinmcr 18th January 2017, 08:45 Quote
Congrats Dave, all the hard work, networking and being a genuinely nice guy has paid off. Enjoy the new job !
davido_labido 18th January 2017, 12:04 Quote
Thanks everyone for the kind comments! It has been a fun road to get where I am now and the bit-tech team are a good bunch, so I know I will have plenty of fun. I have already started to move forward on some builds and mods so expect to see content SOOOOOOOON ™
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