Bit-tech Case Modding Update - September 2016 in Association with Corsair

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Vault-Tec 10th October 2016, 10:56 Quote
Tron and Rehab. Absolutely stellar work by both gents.
Quantum-192 10th October 2016, 13:53 Quote
Deblow for me as the Tron mod was off the charts amazing with the light filament work ;)
InsolentGnome 10th October 2016, 15:23 Quote
Thanks for the nomination!
jojoharalds 11th October 2016, 14:25 Quote
Quote on insolent gnome here,

Thanks for the nomination :)
Deblow 9th January 2017, 15:57 Quote
Totally missed this, thanks for the nomination and nice comments
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