Intel NUC Case Competition Voting

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Boorach 13th October 2013, 23:13 Quote
Holy awesomeness Batman. How on earth are we supposed to decide on a winner here? Followed all the builds closely and with much enjoyment. The bit that I lays forget is the physical size of these cases. So much detail squeezed into a tiny form factor. I applaud you all, not only on your wonderful ideas but on being able to realise them to such a high standard.
quizz_kid 15th October 2013, 10:26 Quote
Great little cases there!
Balder 15th October 2013, 11:54 Quote
Awesome stuff, hard to choose, but in the end Cheaps got my vote today!
Maki role 20th October 2013, 09:31 Quote
I'd just like to thank everybody who voted in the competition, it was a really hard decision given we were only given one vote each. Really looking forward to seeing what the next competition is going to be, this was simply so much fun!
Cheapskate 29th October 2013, 15:55 Quote
Congrats, Maki.:D
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