Intel NUC case competition update

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Shirty 2nd September 2013, 12:45 Quote
There is so much quality oozing from all of these entries! Swoon!
Cheapskate 2nd September 2013, 16:27 Quote
I'm finished building and have been hammering out what to do about the OS and other tweaks. :P
Maki role 2nd September 2013, 16:50 Quote
I feel like everybody else has finished... Meanwhile I'm pulling hair out over whether some parts are going to be done in time, well it certainly makes things more interesting eh?
andrew8200m 3rd September 2013, 10:17 Quote
Were there more than 4 entries or have I lost the plot here?
Maki role 3rd September 2013, 10:57 Quote
Originally Posted by andrew8200m
Were there more than 4 entries or have I lost the plot here?

There were 5 finalists, sadly Slipperskip had to pull out so there are only 4 of us left. As for the number of actual entries, no idea, apparently the number was pretty high though.
AmEv 3rd September 2013, 13:59 Quote
If we could have nixed the "cannot use in already existing case" rule, I would have used it in my dead iMac G5 I have floating in storage.
[USRF]Obiwan 6th September 2013, 13:06 Quote
All look wonderful! If I find any of these in a store I would buy one for sure!
Editor22 10th September 2013, 07:57 Quote
There are so many incredible ideas coming from this competition and also the standard of work is just mind blowing! congrats guys!
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