Dremel 8100 Review

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barrkel 5th March 2013, 08:44 Quote
Cordless tools are generally useful for situations where you can't easily bring beefier power to bear; outdoor, mobile, home DIY (garage or motor tinkering area may not be wired for power) etc. I fully agree that corded is the way to go for the computer case modder. But when I'm e.g. working on bodging something to fit on one of my bikes, it's much easier for me to bring the tool to the bike than the bike to a power point.
law99 5th March 2013, 09:32 Quote
Mobile and supplementary use in addition to corded. Two thumbs up.
asura 5th March 2013, 10:41 Quote
I don't know what their estimated mtbf is, but a couple of cordless dremel's I've had lasted no more than six months of daily use. Continuous load testing and charge/recharge cycles are pretty much impossible to simulate, only thing to do is get out there and try it... The last ones demise was what persuaded me into getting a workshop tool, rather than a hobby too, though it was about four times the price.
stoff3r 10th March 2013, 13:20 Quote
Without a spare battery, powertools are pretty much useless. If you have more than 15 mins of work to be done on some case, you will find yourself out of power, and no way to use it for another hour or so. Better get the 3000 if you are serious about doing some work :)
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