The best of Lian Li's PC-7HX modding contest

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The_Crapman 31st January 2013, 09:08 Quote
Originally Posted by E.E.L. Ambiense
May I be the 1st to say, which probably echoes a few folks' thoughts out there, that Lian Li is really dropping the ball on this one. Terrible idea. Open it to all Lian Li chassis and it makes a little more sense. I guess this will work out for the 20 folks out there worldwide that will invest in the gear needed to get this rolling; possibility of winning is a bit higher too ;) Good luck with it either way.

7H?.... It's not really all that moddable. :/

yeh, it's not moddable at all...... :p

Edit: to be fair to E.E.L., having checked all the entrants (all 7 of them...) there is a distinct lack of imagination going on with most of them.
Griffter 31st January 2013, 09:47 Quote
walking dead.. oh my hat.
p0Pe 31st January 2013, 09:53 Quote
Guys, please all go in and vote. If you dont, then the mod with the smallest efford will win, as one of the contestens obviously have spammed his way to the top :(
k.3nny 31st January 2013, 11:08 Quote

Funny isnit :D
alain-s 31st January 2013, 11:14 Quote
Nice ^^

Thanks for giving extra attention to the competition. :D
towelie 31st January 2013, 13:14 Quote
the zombie (picks up jaw)
Maki role 31st January 2013, 16:08 Quote
Wow those pictures of Classy really let the system down a bit. At a glance you can't see how much effort Kenny put into the PSU modification and tubing :/

Shouldn't need to go into the log to gain an appreciation for the mod really.
k.3nny 31st January 2013, 16:30 Quote
i dont care man, i do care about how people wanting to win

Beggin for votes? da**** is going on? movies how to vote? blurring pics to show only his rig etc, Grow some balls guys!

Masbusaku(whatever his name is and miguel are retards over 9000! Just my 2 cents :) there only saying that u should vote for them (some lame ass excuse). That status XD!

I am happy with my REAL 33 votes tho xD! and alain have his votes realy earned because that system is f*cking brilliant!
shinji2k 1st February 2013, 02:07 Quote
What a ridiculous amount of money at stake. Facebook is the last place I would think to put something like this. It's a shame that the entries that actually deserve some praise won't be given a chance.
k.3nny 4th February 2013, 11:51 Quote
Congratulations to the winners on the PC-7H Modding Contest!

1. "The Walking Dead" by Masbuskado
2. "Li^2" by Miguel DA**** :D
3. "Grafit" by Alain

The randomly selected winner of the PC-7H is Stefan Metz!
Waynio 4th February 2013, 21:44 Quote
What was the final vote counts Kenny?, see you mentioned over 9000 the other day.

This Lian Li one sucks especially bad because you have to buy one of their cases to enter.

Vote farcing sucks the fun & awesomeness out of modding competitions & leaves it feeling dead inside which is a shame.

I made the right move to being a none competitive modder, prevents what I do being cheapened to a point where I'm too dead inside to care about playing nice, so instead feel very much alive inside to mod for the heck of it because I likes to.

Good thing I got into modding before finding out about competitions else I might have got into it for the wrong reasons & I guess that's why I won't go quitting modding so easily.
k.3nny 4th February 2013, 23:35 Quote
Lianli facebook fans where from 9000 to 13000

only "rougly" 800 votes on the cases! so wtf? XD!

The over 9000 commenct was 9gag-ish comment :P
Waynio 5th February 2013, 00:14 Quote
Wow, did I misunderstand that :p I see things so strange sometimes lol thought you meant there was 9000 votes holy sheet. :D

WTF indeed.

Classic Waynio misunderstanding. :o

For some reason I thought vote campaigning had gone extra crazy. :D

9000 vs 33, thought that's a bit harsh. :)

D'oh :D

Doesn't help with me not being on facebook so mostly blind to what's going on. :)
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