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Combatus 9th January 2013, 15:43 Quote
Originally Posted by Attila
I don't think anyone has committed a capital offense here but just to change the subject......

I don't envy the judges one little bit. I have my favourites, but if I had to rate these projects in an objective way.....Monumental task. Extremely difficult and I'm glad I'm not doing it! :)

You got that right!!! :S

I think it's time to let bygons be bygons as nothing will be achieved by getting hot under the collar. We'll leave a discussion on the subject of voting for another time as 2012 is done and dusted. I'm happy with the way things have eventually turned out and I think you all will be when we announce the winners on Friday.

At the end of the day, everyone deserved to be here and we didn't stipulate any specific rules so as Attila says, no one has committed a capital offense. Well done to all the nominees for an awesome show of skill this year - probably my favorite MOTY since I've been at bit-tech and a huge thanks to everyone who helped, be it with the initial nominations, judging or moral support via MSN and Facebook!
Waynio 11th January 2013, 08:09 Quote
Awwwww, only a few get to say a little of what they think of the BS that was spoiling modding for sooooooooo long, I wanna ramblahahahaaaaa.

:) Joking I'm a happy modder again, thanks. :)

A word on respect though.
Respect, you start off as equal & it rises or droops & also rises again, it's flexible unless your dealing with people who don't believe in forgiveness over small things, but you don't take it from people by farce, that's what ahh heads do who usually end up in prison although obviously not in something like this, :D it just means you don't understand what respect is, respect is a global thing, a universal thing, if you don't understand it properly then I guess you are from another galaxy from far far away like the common cold who drifted to earth from a passing comet to make people feel like crap.

Respect & honor is due to bit-tech yes, definitely but it is also due to your fellow nominees, remember that & everyone will get along, forget that & people won't get along too well unless they are triple A, absolutely amazingly awesome. :D

And judges you have a steep task there narrowing down to 3, I couldn't do it, was hard enough picking 5.

And cut the hating of others out peeeerleeeeeease, cut it out of everywhere, not just in the open or PM or facebook, modding needs to have a fun, nice & awesome environment to be awesome otherwise too many suffer from having a screw face, can't mod good with a screw face. :D

Not only that but that's how modding communities crumble & I don't think any of us want that do we.

Big weird group hug with some awkward looking faces.
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