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HandMadeAndroid 24th December 2012, 13:28 Quote
Nice touch allowing five votes, some of these mods not seen before, impressed by twister and others. Very high quality this year, especially among the scratch builds.
mybadomen 24th December 2012, 15:30 Quote
Thank you so Much Bit-Tech and Members for Nominating my Mass Effect 3 Mod. Huge Honor. And also i wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. And yes Very tough competition. I love every single build and many are good friends.

Good Luck guys and Take Care All.

Mechh69 24th December 2012, 17:56 Quote
Nice projects all It's hard to narrow down my favorites but my vote is in. Good luck all!.
dmcgrath 24th December 2012, 18:26 Quote
Wow, happy and humbled to see my mod in there! Thanks guys. Good luck and happy holidays to us all.
Attila 24th December 2012, 20:38 Quote
I'm very proud, once again, to be part of this great competition.

This year, the standard of work is simply outstanding. I wish all the nominees the best of luck.

Edit: By the way, take the time to have a look at the project logs for the nominees you are interested in. This will give you a better idea of what was involved in making the various projects. To make the process quicker, you can view in author mode.

In my case, have a look here for more photo's. :)
guvnar 24th December 2012, 22:57 Quote
Astonishing standard this year. So much has been said by many others and I won't say who I voted for but honestly there's one stand out for me. If that one wins it the others can all say that second place was the best in the world as one was built by someone clearly out of this world!
Without giving anything away I can only say COOOORRRRR!
faxiij 25th December 2012, 02:12 Quote
mh, i did not find it that hard. almost all projects are great, but i've kinda gotten used to a high quality from bit-tech (in modding at least), thus im not impressed that easily anymore.

my clear winner is cor leonis and i believe that needs no explaining.

2nd, 3rd and 4th would be a tough one for me.
- tenius: such simplicity, less is more. it looks so understated. brilliant.
- green water of class: while i find this con much better without lighting, it is so creative and such a inspirational casecon. i am so bored of the same casemods doing the same stuff all over. i love how he used glass, the glass itself, it is marvelous! what comes to mind is maybe some special mention, as the most creative mod/con maybe!
- l3p-l4n: well, kinda like attila, no need for a lot of explanation. he ticks all the boxes. practicality, build quality, awesomeness, individuality, sexy looks.

and finally, again quite clear (to me) is 5th: twister mod 8.0.0.D.
it is a mod like many one could say, however the visual effect is just mindblasting, i can't exactly pin-point what, but it's got 'it'. maybe it's just 'magic'. idk. it just feels so right though.

that being said, all entries do look appealing, so well done to everyone! also a merry christmas to all ;)

to conclude a suggestion:
how about two moty's? one for casemods, one for casecons? there are plenty of mods, but too few casecons in my opinion - especially creative casecons! like green water of class, who took an approach never seen (as far as i am concerned), which i do love a lot! this should happen more often! maybe a separate moty for casecons could inspire more modders to get creative with materials, shapes, techniques, just generally thinking outside of the box really. or maybe add a special award for just that - to reward people who tried a completely new approach and succeeded (another example would be concretonic: - pure awesome!!! ) :) would appreciate that!
misterd77 25th December 2012, 15:59 Quote
great line up this year, we got the whole range of design on show here, but my overall favorite is Tenuis by Peter Husar, its smooth clean lines and upmarket high end hifi look is simply stunning.
TheGreatSatan 25th December 2012, 16:53 Quote
Voted. Good luck
riekmaharg2 25th December 2012, 23:37 Quote
Thanks for the nomination, has made my christmas day even happier :), Hope everyone has had a great christmas
dolphie 26th December 2012, 12:15 Quote
They are all amazing.
voigts 26th December 2012, 14:12 Quote
I tend towards favoring scratch builds myself, but this mod to me is just filled with awesomeness, and I'm not even usually a fan of steampunk in particular. Your steampunk look is themed so very well that it doesn't look just like a mess of gears, etc. that are there for no reason as is the norm with these kind of mods. You got one of my votes.
voigts 26th December 2012, 14:22 Quote
I should have looked closer and realized that the comments weren't just for one build in particular. There are so many incredible builds this year. I voted for Acronym (incredibly creative and clean build), Blue Horizon (just too well done and smooth), Cor Leonis (very well done as always), Get a Life (such an original concept), and Steampunked. There are others that I would vote for also if I could. I think that voting for up to 5 mods is a much better way to do this and allows for more flexibility. These mods all up the ante when it comes to case modding with a level of perfection that is incredible.
Cheapskate 26th December 2012, 15:33 Quote
@faxiij - That suggestion has been coming up for years now. It will likely never happen now that Dennis took over.:(
Combatus 26th December 2012, 23:33 Quote
Originally Posted by Cheapskate
@faxiij - That suggestion has been coming up for years now. It will likely never happen now that Dennis took over.:(

Unfortunately it's more of a question of man power. We lost several couple of members of staff at the beginning of the year due to cuts at Dennis - we only have time to do one competition at the moment - that goes for Mod of the Month too. Running two - one for mods and one for scratchbuilds means two sets of prizes and significantly more work in general which we simply can't do atm. We do hear you but for the time being we'll have to make do!
Tattysnuc 27th December 2012, 10:29 Quote
Good luck to all the entries - What an amazing pool of talent we have here on Bit-tech.

Seriously inspirational stuff
Cheapskate 27th December 2012, 19:09 Quote
My senile a** keeps coming back thinking I can see MOTM-style status bars.
@Combatus - Pretty much what I meant. There must be an amazing amount of work just communicating with sponsors. -Then there's the fact that you guys do this during the holidays when most would be saying, "Flick it, it's Christmas. It can wait."
I think I'd rather be a lion tamer.
faxiij 28th December 2012, 14:17 Quote
Fair enough Combatus and thanks a lot for still responding. As a former customer support agent I know how annoying those people are always coming up with the same issues ;)

And thank you too for making do' for all that time. Tbh, I couldn't imagine my 'internet-life' without bittech really. So thanks for that, keep going. Meanwhile hope dies last, maybe we'll see such a feature at some point :)
Combatus 28th December 2012, 19:15 Quote
Originally Posted by Cheapskate
My senile a** keeps coming back thinking I can see MOTM-style status bars.
@Combatus - Pretty much what I meant. There must be an amazing amount of work just communicating with sponsors. -Then there's the fact that you guys do this during the holidays when most would be saying, "Flick it, it's Christmas. It can wait."
I think I'd rather be a lion tamer.

@cheaps and faxiij - That's okay then :D Just so you know this is the reason not unwillingness or incompetence on our part. And yeah the sponsorship probably took a majority of the time. However I was pleasantly surprised by the willingness shown this year. Whether it's companies supporting modding more these days or seeing it as a cheaper form of advertising I'm not sure but the winners this year should have plenty of swag for future projects, which is the whole idea behind the competition really.
Cthippo 29th December 2012, 13:12 Quote
Voting page doesn't support my browser (Opera) :(
kier 30th December 2012, 08:37 Quote
Thank you Bit-Tech and modding friends for nominating and voting for the Coolermaster Cosmos II MbK ;)
ASPHIAX 30th December 2012, 15:05 Quote
Just got back from a week of pure non-internet snowboarding to find this nomination. Sooo Awesome ! Thanks Bit-tech and all that nominated the AT-AT for MoTY. What a honour again !
*Bowing respectfully to the other contestants*
Achron 30th December 2012, 16:15 Quote
Didn't even realize it was that time again already. Thanks for the nomination, it really is a huge honor. It was pretty tough for me to pick only 5 with the ridiculous quality of the competition this year.

Good luck to all, and happy new year!
Asouter 31st December 2012, 13:55 Quote
The next level got my vote , the work involved and quality is exceptionally high. beats alot of the case mods hands down
The_Crapman 1st January 2013, 16:08 Quote
I've only voted for one project, because i believe without a doubt it is the best (in my very humble opinion), even by the amazing standards set again this year. Yet bizzarly, it's not even got a mention in the comments yet!

SSR-X to me represents the very best in modding; a totally unique idea, meticulous planning, experimenting with different materials and excellent craftsmanship. We sat and watched as this Goliath of a build was constructed, with god knows how many individual pieces of aluminium crafted to construct the chassis and exterior, only for it to turn out to be a mould and eventually discarded. Plus some brilliant details like using an old motor housing for a res.

An absolutely stunning build.
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