Mod Of The Year 2012

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Gtek 23rd December 2012, 23:06 Quote
Totally insane this year! Good luck to all.
k.3nny 23rd December 2012, 23:30 Quote
Good luck to all and congrats with the nominee :D!
aliske 23rd December 2012, 23:41 Quote
The link to the project log is the wrong one?!?!?!
Combatus 23rd December 2012, 23:46 Quote
Originally Posted by aliske
The link to the project log is the wrong one?!?!?!

Hi aliske. We've actually linked to articles/features where we've previously looked at the project and also posted a link to their project log. If you take a look on the link page you will find it :D
Digi 23rd December 2012, 23:49 Quote
Wow, stiff competition indeed! Good luck to the nominee's..
The_Gnu 24th December 2012, 00:07 Quote
WoW.. thanks for the nomination.
The projects this year is just insane. I feal really honored to be amongst these fantastic mods.
Thank you.
AnG3L 24th December 2012, 00:12 Quote
MOST difficult "to vote" contest ever! OMG the best mods EVER in one contest!!!! Really my thought is that someone must organize a gallery for this masterpieces eventually as this is spectacular. So many talents!! Proud to be a part of this crew.
l3p 24th December 2012, 00:15 Quote
Thanks so much for the nomination!!
There isn't a bigger crown on your hard work then a Bit-Tech MOTY nomination!

As I won't stand a chance this year against all those other awesome projects I'll just handle over the challenge cup back to Attila if you don't mind :D
Cheapskate 24th December 2012, 00:52 Quote
What a tough choice. There really were a lot of killer projects this year.
I hope I don't regret this, but I didn't vote for Attila to stretch my voting power. I figure he didn't need my help.
Don't copy me, or it could snowball and backfire.

Congratulations, everyone!:D I kinda wish everyone on the list wins.
...but it doesn't work that way.
-Ship out 20 cheesecakes?
craig - toyoracer 24th December 2012, 01:16 Quote
Wow some tough choices to pick. Congrats to all the nominee's
Waynio 24th December 2012, 02:05 Quote
That was extremely tough having to cut my thinned down selection even thinner. :'(
Acronym, Blue Horizon, Cor Leonis, Get a life, Next Level.

Congrats. :D

And congrats to all nominee's this year, proper awesome roundup.
mal 24th December 2012, 02:24 Quote
paultan 24th December 2012, 04:49 Quote
wow! I'm in! Thank you so much bit-tech!!!! It's nice to be included in the line up of many great mods!
Corsaronero333 24th December 2012, 07:06 Quote
Thank you so much bit-tech.
Good luck to all
As a Christmas gift is wonderful
Boddaker 24th December 2012, 07:17 Quote
Fantastic lineup this year! Very tough to choose 5. Good luck to all nominees.
Paslis 24th December 2012, 08:12 Quote
Thanks a lot bit-tech.Good luck to all. :)
Griffter 24th December 2012, 08:18 Quote
before opening link, i thought this year was not as good as last... but i was sorely and happily mistaken!!!!!! damn all are absolutely amazing!!!!!

Tenuis by Peter Husar !!!!!!!!!!! come guys, support a guy for thinking out the box by making ummmm... a box!!!!

there were some very close ones to that also.. but Tenuis by Peter Husar is my main vote. good luck to all. i wish i wish i could get a pc like that!
mi1ez 24th December 2012, 09:31 Quote
Done. Although I have to say that 5 votes didn't feel like nearly enough...
quizz_kid 24th December 2012, 10:38 Quote
Thank you for the nomination... But hey, why did you line me up with these prodigys??? I don´t stand a chance =) GL too all!
[ZiiP] NaloaC 24th December 2012, 11:00 Quote
Such an incredible array of amazing cases this year, good thing I have 5 votes, but they're still not enough.

The best of luck to all entrants :)
alain-s 24th December 2012, 11:13 Quote
Thank U for the Nomination such a great honor to stand next to u all with my Silencio 550 ^^.

What a great way to start Christmas. Good luck to U all may the best mod/Scratch build win. :D
Yemerich 24th December 2012, 11:17 Quote
Wow! The competition came a long way from the "hobby level" to the "hardcore professional level" of this year!
GotMod? 24th December 2012, 11:30 Quote
100% pure awesomeness!! Congrats to all the nominees!!
Cleveland216 24th December 2012, 11:42 Quote
I'd like to thank the Bit-Tech staff and all the other modders for the nomination! Good Luck to everyone in this years competition!
twister7800gtx 24th December 2012, 13:23 Quote
Thanks bit-tech! so much for the nomination!
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