December 2012 Bit-tech modding update

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Guinevere 18th December 2012, 10:29 Quote
I know it'll sound like I'm trolling, and I really do appreciate the incredible work Fuganater has pulled off on his TJ11 but I can't look at the final result without it making me mad.

So much great technique, skill and wonderful design choices went into the build - only for it all to be tainted by gluing on completely superfluous cog wheels following the "More cog wheels = more steampunk" ethos.

IMO they're the 'bling too far' that turns the build from being near perfect into the steampunk equivalent of a gypsy wedding.

They're the dinner table sized rear spoiler on a 1.2L hatchback, the over plump injected lips of a WAG wannabe, the crystal encrusted iPhone case...

Sometimes you just have to say "Enough's enough"

Combatus 18th December 2012, 10:50 Quote
I don't mind them to be honest but having worked on a TJ11 myself, I can appreciate why he felt the need to add something there. It's such a huge area (the side panel) that it looks wrong without any details. Quite what I'd have put there I'm not sure though!
k.3nny 18th December 2012, 14:34 Quote
Thnks for mentioning me :D!
mikkig 18th December 2012, 17:35 Quote
GotMod? 18th December 2012, 18:42 Quote
Great index update! Thanks for putting me in ))
Nanosec 19th December 2012, 15:27 Quote
I love k.3nny's mod, with the hard acrylic tubing filled with the white coolant, I almost expect someone to flip the switch and have those tubes light up like the flourescent lights they remind me of....Great work
Petrol head 20th December 2012, 00:36 Quote
Originally Posted by mikkig


Lol what a great video. Get's the point across.

Why not make the gears move. Car radio CD motor would run off the 3 volt rail with a resister. Compared to most builds it would be relatively inexpensive?
Sni9er 6th February 2013, 15:16 Quote
haha thanks for the feature !
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