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Waynio 9th November 2012, 07:32 Quote
Ohhhhh yeaaaaah :D
Woo hooooo ;)

I'll get back with something more when I have more time, but woo hoo for now. :)
KidMod-Southpaw 9th November 2012, 07:46 Quote
Sweet! I can finally get mine on there! Even though it's more than a year old! :D
Waynio 9th November 2012, 08:12 Quote
^Make sure you submit the project Kidmod :)

So many to add to it. :D

But it's good it's been started now.

Can we submit projects on other modders behalf in case they miss this?.
Combatus 9th November 2012, 09:20 Quote
It's a project for everyone so the more the merrier - doesn't matter how old they are either. So long as the owner is happy for it to be submitted it that's fine!
l3p 9th November 2012, 09:28 Quote
phinix 9th November 2012, 11:34 Quote
Brilliant idea. I love it.
AnG3L 9th November 2012, 12:21 Quote
Where's Attila? Slipperyskip? Where's mine mods? :P Many scratch builds are missing!
Gareth Halfacree 9th November 2012, 12:43 Quote
Originally Posted by AnG3L
Where's Attila? Slipperyskip? Where's mine mods? :P Many scratch builds are missing!
Originally Posted by The Article
As with the Case Mod Index, we need your help to grow our database, so if you're project is complete with a project log in our forum, we'd love to immortalise it in the Scratchbuild Index. You can do this by emailing with 'Submit My project' in the subject line.
So, to answer your question: Attila, Slipperyskip et al are not listed, because they haven't been submitted. Want to see a mod listed? Submit it. It's the same as the Mod Index.
l3p 9th November 2012, 12:50 Quote
Cheapskate 9th November 2012, 16:25 Quote
I can't wait to see the 'Recycled materials/ found object' section come to life.:D -Someone wake up Alonso Bistro.
riekmaharg2 9th November 2012, 19:24 Quote
Nice :), it would be cool to collect all the pics from all the projects over time then put them all in a large colarge which you can then click on a pic to view the individual project.
Waynio 9th November 2012, 19:43 Quote
Originally Posted by l3p
What I am missing are 2 nice links in the Mod main site menu to the Indexes :)

Permanent ones would be great in the main site modding section I very much agree Peter. :)

If I had spare time right now I'd be running all over the forum doing some time traveling making a list with links to any & all completed projects, case mods or scratch builds to get these indexes loaded, must be hundred or thousands even, I'll do that after my project if I have to. :D

Problem for some older projects including 1 of my own is pictures weren't backed up & got lost somehow, photo hosting services fading out or disabling accounts due to inactivity, happened to my first project, was an xbox 360 with high end air heatsinks custom mounted to the GPU & CPU in a plastic chrome case with temperature displays but it's lost now, people said back then it was out of the box modding, it was a mark 1 360 but it broke not long ago when I unmounted the coolers so had to get a replacement, bit of a shame because it did look a bit cool & it cooled really well. :D
Noob? 9th November 2012, 20:10 Quote
Great thinking!

Have just book-marked the index page for future reading.

Got to say some lovely from all the Modders!

MSHunter 14th November 2012, 20:39 Quote
"As if immortalising your project wasn't enough, UK modding and water-cooling etailer Specialtech is sponsoring the database with a prize for one lucky entrant (((each each))) month."

Is that supposed to be: "each and every" ?

Absolutely love this idea! great way to help young/new modders to get inspiration!
Combatus 14th November 2012, 20:57 Quote
Thanks for the kind comments and feedback guys. Sorry I haven't replied till now - spent most of the weekend in hospitals and since then looking after the Mrs who has had shoulder surgery and can barely move I've got an inbox stuffed full of new entries so thanks to everyone who's emailed us with theirs. We'll be at 100 projects in no time!

As for Keir's and Peter's ideas - I'm on it. Getting site dev time is challenging at the moment - we don't do it ourselves, but adding links or widgets to the front page of the site's modding section has been on my list of to dos since the Case Mod Index launched. The collage I literally only thought about while I was working on the Scratchbuild Index - I'll be sorting this out when I get a bit of free time - hopefully for the Case Mods too!
MSHunter 14th November 2012, 21:08 Quote
Hope your wife recovers quickly and fully, there is nothing worse then seeing you loved one's in pain.
Lloydus 15th November 2012, 15:43 Quote
Thanks some great ideas there!
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