Cooler Master 2012 Case Mod Competition Update - September

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Enigma8750 4th September 2012, 17:21 Quote
Wow.. What an honor have my Ferrair build on Bit Tech. Its like Being on the Cover of the Rolling Stones.. But better.. LOL.. All the participants really are a tribute to the modding community in general.. To All of my fellow Sister's and Brother's in the modding community.. You guy's are awesome. Thanks.
Waynio 5th September 2012, 17:36 Quote
sebtiger 6th September 2012, 12:24 Quote
I signed up on Sunday, yet haven't had a contact from Coolermaster yet. Is it still open to applications?

I had a confirmation that they received my application (automated) yet nothing more.
Enigma8750 7th September 2012, 00:16 Quote
That happended to me too.. its a slow process but it works.. I did mine twice.
sebtiger 7th September 2012, 17:25 Quote
Originally Posted by Enigma8750
That happended to me too.. its a slow process but it works.. I did mine twice.

He he, the applying twice bit back today.

I got assigned two separate guys, so had the guilt ridden job of letting one of them down.
Scirocco 11th September 2012, 18:05 Quote
They're a bit slow, but you'll get your contact eventually.
oliverr97 11th September 2012, 19:59 Quote
Wow, these are all pretty awesome, but that ferrari is just too cool :)
crazycooler 19th October 2012, 19:26 Quote
The outside of your case is really a nice modbuild..............
Do something with the inside of the case............
First of all remove these "gardenhosethinglookalike" tubes.....sorry had to say it!!...
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