Dremel 3000 review

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Tris 25th July 2012, 11:50 Quote
Is the 3000 still going to be compatible with 300 accessories such as the router table?
Combatus 25th July 2012, 12:00 Quote
Originally Posted by Tris
Is the 3000 still going to be compatible with 300 accessories such as the router table?

Yes, all Dremel's recent tools (300, 4000, 3000) use the same collar thread so they're compatible with the router table, flexible shaft etc.
The_Crapman 25th July 2012, 13:06 Quote
Mine should arrive tomorrow along with a Dremel workstation :-D
David 25th July 2012, 13:16 Quote
I need a new Dremel - my aging 285 is a bit short on torque.
Blackshark 25th July 2012, 13:49 Quote
Great job BT. My 8000 is running well after years of constant use. Super to know Dremel are taking note of the case modding community with BT at its core.
The boy 4rm oz 26th July 2012, 01:43 Quote
My 300 has lasted me 5 years now with the only thing needing replacement being the carbon bushes ($5 on ebay). When it dies (if it dies) I will definitely be upgrading to the 3000.
fluxtatic 26th July 2012, 07:44 Quote
I've had my 395 for a decade (of course, I haven't pushed it nearly as hard as some of y'all) and it's still going strong. Noise isn't bad until I cut aluminum, but that's more to do with the godawful shriek of aluminum itself. About the only downside is it gets horribly hot after a while - too few vents right under my fingers.

Just the same, though, I'll keep it until it dies. When it does, though, I know what's going to replace it.

On another note, I admire the hell out of Dremel. Seems far too common that brands start strong and fall off. Wouldn't it seem, after this many years, that the talk would be nostalgic about how beastly the Dremels used to be and it's terrible that they suck now? Instead, we get improvements without charging premium prices and the quality has stayed high for 20+ years. If only every manufacturer of...everything, ever, would take a lesson from Dremel.
[-Stash-] 30th July 2012, 13:53 Quote
"it isn't revolutionary¬Ö" *groooooooooooooan* :D
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