Scratchbuilt PC - Water Cooling and Hardware Mounting

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GonzoRIP 21st May 2012, 08:34 Quote
one thing ive noticed about your mobo block is the very thin piece of copper that u expect to be cooled by that one vrm block at the other side. heres a quick test for u. take a piece of copper and heat it up at the middle then hold onto one side and place a wet rag on the opposite side. the heat will rush into your hand away from the wet rag. u need a much thicker piece of copper or something to actively cool that section for it to have any effect
Combatus 21st May 2012, 09:01 Quote
Hi Gonzo. We did have our initial concerns too, but before splashing out on a piece of thicker copper, we put our current setup through its paces and it seems to work well, at least well enough to prevent stability issues. The stock heatsink was small and fanless so we're not talking about significant amounts of heat, especially as the motherboard simply doesn't have the overclocking potential of larger ones, although we may add a heatsink to the lower section just to be on the safe side!
eldiablo 21st May 2012, 10:00 Quote
It would seem to me that a few of those heatsinks from the videocard would fit on there nicely.
Why did you choose that extension cable and not plug it in the motherboard directly btw? Will it not give any interference from running underneath the powersupply?
Asouter 25th May 2012, 21:09 Quote
Melting the plexi to fit the nut looks quite tricky (and gooey) did you try it the other way ? ie , heating the nut and press it into the hole, it worked for me :)
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