March Project Log and Case Mod Index update

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fuus 22nd March 2012, 11:24 Quote
Link to 'Theif by stren' doesn't work
Combatus 22nd March 2012, 11:30 Quote
It's amazing the difference a single '.' can make isn't it? Fixed, thanks!
Waynio 22nd March 2012, 12:46 Quote
Nice roundup. :)
phuzz 22nd March 2012, 15:57 Quote
"The water-cooling aspect of the project leaves no holes barred"
It's no holds barred, which I assume originally comes from wrestling.
McDuff32 22nd March 2012, 16:49 Quote
I keep checking the case mod index every now and then to see if anyone has modded the case I use :)
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