Mod of the Year 2011 Winners

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KidMod-Southpaw 4th January 2012, 16:04 Quote
Oh God! Wayne doesn't deserve to be as low as 15th! I'm genuinely shocked.
lilgoth89 4th January 2012, 16:09 Quote
no1 deserves to be last...all the projects have been AMAZING
they all deserve to win i think
congrats to ALL
KidMod-Southpaw 4th January 2012, 16:11 Quote
Well, nobody deserves to lose.
Fuganater 4th January 2012, 16:11 Quote
Gratz all. I agree that Wayno's should have been higher ....
Combatus 4th January 2012, 16:14 Quote
Voting rarely goes the way you think it will unfortunately - my predictions we're mostly way out! If anyone wants to know their standing, feel free to contact me but I omitted lower than 15th place out of courtesy - all the projects featured were amazing so it seems wrong to say someone came last.
ASPHIAX 4th January 2012, 16:15 Quote
I think it would be in place to congratulate L3p for his 1st place !!!
Well done Peter !! Oustanding performance for a first mod !!!
I made 14th which is FABULOUS !!!!!
Bindibadgi 4th January 2012, 16:24 Quote
Wow congrats everyone! This year's entries were really difficult to choose from!
Angel OD 4th January 2012, 16:25 Quote
Congrats guys, noone can say you didn't earn it! :)

A consol in 8th place, not bad! :) Thanks to all who voted for me! :)
Telltale Boy 4th January 2012, 16:29 Quote
Congratulations to all the winners!

However I think Waynio really should have been much higher. Stealthlow has been insanely popular in the forums and had the most replies out of any worklog this year. Considering that, 15th place doesn't seem to quite match up, I guess maybe there were a lot of outside voters.

I don't mean to take away from all the other winners, it just doesn't seem to quite match up to me.
l3p 4th January 2012, 16:31 Quote
Such an honour! When I just heard it I had to get some fresh air, made me dizzy. Thanks Bit-tech, all the voters and the sponsors! Also congratulations to all the other nominee's!
paultan 4th January 2012, 16:52 Quote
absolutely right. good for waynio he got the 15th. Nike didn't even touched it.
Kovoet 4th January 2012, 16:55 Quote
Congrats guys. I'm sure not everyone is happy about the decisions but you know what just to be nominated is something to be proud of. Am I happy with the first three for sure I am but I liked all of them.
pistol_pete 4th January 2012, 16:56 Quote
I'm surprised stealthlow is so low, I know I voted for it.

Not surprised my mod isn't up there, the top 15 are world class, well done to everyone this year. year I'll be up there.
GuilleAcoustic 4th January 2012, 16:56 Quote
GG mateys ! ;)
l3p 4th January 2012, 16:58 Quote
I promise to make a post in my buildlog this week with all the 120 remaining photo's I have from the photoshoot for the ones that liked them :)
p0Pe 4th January 2012, 16:58 Quote
It was an honour to be nominated:) Congratz l3p, and everyone else who was nominated! :)
coolmiester 4th January 2012, 17:13 Quote
Happy Days........i think a beer or three is in order tonight

Congratulations to all 25 who were nominated for 2011 MOTY as that is in itself is a pretty high accolade and also a Massive thanks for everyone who took time out to vote and post comments throughout my build and of coarse Bit-Tech for the on going support to the modding community ;)
debs3759 4th January 2012, 17:31 Quote
Personally I think if we hadn't been forced to vote for 10 projects - no more, no less - the results would have better reflected what everyone really liked. Or even letting us choose an order in which we selected entries, rather than ranking those we like the same as those we had to vote for in order to submit the votes we wanted to submit.

Having said that, well done to everyone who was nominated - that in itself is a great achievement. And special congrats to the winners :)
KidMod-Southpaw 4th January 2012, 17:33 Quote
I have to agree with that.
p0Pe 4th January 2012, 17:42 Quote
The result of that would have been everyone fishing for votes:) And then it is suddenly not about who has build the most appealing build, but who has the most friends on facebook:)
KidMod-Southpaw 4th January 2012, 17:45 Quote
If it was a real modding community and people took pride, that wouldn't happen. And I believe it's a good community.

Have a little faith in these people. Besides, Facebook friends are a bunch of twats.
p0Pe 4th January 2012, 18:07 Quote
This is a good community, but a chain is only as strong as its weakest link:)
This is a topic that gets up on almost every vote, so instead of discussing it, how bout we just wished the winners congratulations and happy new year! :)
ASPHIAX 4th January 2012, 18:16 Quote
Amen to that !
Well done to everyone for providing one of the best eyecandy contests yet !
thechoozen 4th January 2012, 18:49 Quote
Congratulations to all the winners!
Apocalypso 4th January 2012, 18:58 Quote
Absolutely brilliant entries from everyone.

And I won some carbon fibre! Hurrah!
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